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News | 02.08.2022

Tavarres King Says 80% Of Professional Athletes Use Marijuana

Former NFL player Tavarres King explained it's not just NFL athletes using cannabis, but 80% of pros in the country.

A former professional athlete just gave the world the confirmation it needed to hear regarding how over half of athletes in the United States, and probably Canada, are using cannabis for a list of reasons.

In a recent interview, former NFL star and Georgia Bulldog Tavarres King spoke with Zach Klein, Director of Channel 2 Sports, to discuss his and others’ marijuana use in the NFL. “I would probably say around 80% of the guys in our league use cannabis,” King told Klein.

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When Klein asked if King was in that 80% of NFL cannabis users, he laughed and responded “100%.” This was the first time King has confirmed his marijuana use when playing for the Georgia Bulldogs. He said cannabis reduced his anxiety and helped him become “laser-sharp, laser-focused” during game days.

Klein then referenced one of King’s best games at Lambeau Field when he caught a touchdown pass from Eli Manning, asking if he was high that game. An amused King playfully responded, “Yeah, yeah I was…I did my job.”

King’s NFL career came to an end after various injuries, which led him to launch a CBD company in Atlanta dubbed Rowdy Wellness alongside music producer Dallas Austin about four years ago. The products at Rowdy Wellness were designed to combat daily inflammation and promote pain relief.

One book called “Runner’s High,” written by Denver journalist Josiah Hesse, explains how one can take advantage of using cannabis when exercising, telling WSB-TV2 that the plant made exercising “a lot more fun…it made it easier.”

In the same conversation, Hesse said that his sources confirm around “60% to 80% of professional athletes are using cannabis currently,” which counts for all professional leagues like the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA.

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Although he explained many positives about incorporating cannabis into an exercise routine, Hesse says that “Lethargy” is a major downside, resulting in “paranoia [and] anxiety.” He encourages individuals to start slow in order to avoid these unwanted side effects.

While King was clearly taking advantage of cannabis during his NFL career, he’s also made a name for himself in the industry’s business side. Aside from Rowdy Wellness, King is CEO of Suite 420 Access, a Denver-based finance company that helps minority-owned cannabis businesses.

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