Intro  |  About  |  |  Voice  |  SEO  |  Personas  | Content Types |  Headlines  |  Writing  |  Images  |  Submission Checklist is the platform our content contributors (you!) will use to submit articles. is an easy-to-use online tool, which allows you see articles that have been assigned to you. You can write your articles directly in, and then submit them for approval. This guide explains what you need to know.

Account setup step 1:

When you come on board as a contributor, you will receive an invite email from In this email Click the link (the one that starts with… ) to get started and set your password. Here’s an example of the email:

MIA Email Writing Guidelines

Account setup step 2:

After clicking the link in the email mentioned in step 1, a page with the form seen in the image below will load. Enter the password you want to use (and the password again) and then click Save Changes.

MAI Password Writing Guidelines

Account setup step 3:

Once your password is set, click the Accounts tab (to the left of the User Profile tab at the top of the page) and then click the HERB link – this will take you to the Editorial Calendar (see below).

MIA Herb Writing Guidelines

The Editorial Calendar

The first screen you will see when logging into is the Editorial Calendar. This displays ALL articles that are in the content pipeline for all contributors.


MAI EditorialCalendar Writing Guidelines

View Articles Assigned to You

The main thing you will want to do when logging into, is see the articles that are assigned to you, and when they are due.

You can do this by:

  1. Clicking the Workflow button in the left menu
  2. Then, from the menu under Workflow, choose My Calendar

MAI MyCalendar Writing Guidelines

Writing your Articles

When you click an article in My Calendar, a page will load showing the article details (as seen in the image below). Some information will be provided to help you write the article.
This page will contain important information such as theme, which persona(s) the article is aimed at, and the keywords that must be used in the article.

Steps to creating your content

1. Once you have read through the article details and understand what you are writing about, click the Draft button in the top right of the screen.

MAI Editor 1 Writing Guidelines

2. Start writing your article content directly into the text editor on this page. Your article should be formatted as you intend it to be in the document – See Writing for more details. Your article must adhere to all the guidelines outlined in these Writing Guidelines.

3. Images used in the article should follow the guidelines on the Images page.

Submitting  Articles

1. Once your article is complete, read it over again and make sure it adheres to these writing guidelines.

MAI Submit 1 Writing Guidelines

2. Next, add each image you have used in the article – at the bottom of this page you will see an ‘Attachment’ section. Click the Add button, choose the image from your computer, and attach the image. Click the + Add files… button to add more images.

3. Click the Submit For Approval button at the top of the page (above the editor).

4. Lastly, in the panel that pops up type ‘Dan’ and choose ‘Dan Crothers’ (Editor) in the ‘Request will be sent to:’ field. Add any additional comments in the Comments box, then click the blue Submit For Approval button. A notification will be sent to the editor informing them the article is ready for review.

MAI Submit 2 Writing Guidelines

If you have any questions about, get in touch with Dan.

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