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News | 11.04.2021

A Drug Dealer In Scotland Flipped His Car With 30 Pounds Of Weed, This Is What Happened

This ballsy drug dealer hitched a ride with the fuzz.

A drug dealer in Scotland didn’t think twice about accepting a lift from police officers after crashing his car, only for the authorities to find £140,000 worth of cannabis in his suitcases, reported BBC News.

The man behind the wheel was Jesse Winsborough, who crashed his car in a blizzard on the major road A9 in northern Scotland. When he was seen pulling two suitcases out of the vehicle, officers noticed and offered him a lift.

After sitting in the police vehicle with the Winsborough and one other, the authorities couldn’t help but notice a “strong smell,” said one of the officers reported by BBC. That “strong smell” was the danking 14kg (30lbs) of weed stuffed in his suitcases.

Photo courtesy of CBC

30-year-old Winsborough will soon be sentenced in December at Perth Sheriff Court. Once police found the massive amounts of weed, they began to question him, where Winsborough admitted to being involved in supplying cannabis between London and Perthshire in January 2020.

The court was informed that Winsborough had lost control of his vehicle during a severe snowstorm on the A9. The car then hit an edge and flipped onto its roof, where Winsborough and his friend were unharmed and escaped safely.

Depute fiscal Michael Sweeney told the court that police officers arrived at the scene just after midnight, where they were worried about the man’s safety, and offered him and his friend a ride.

Photo by BBC

“They confirmed they had been involved in an accident and that they were waiting for someone to pick them up. Due to them being stranded on the A9, they were told they would be taken somewhere safe where they could arrange for a lift,” said Mr. Sweeney reported BBC.

After accepting the offer for a ride, the two agreed that they’d like to be dropped off at Gleneagles railway station to continue their journey, suitcases and all. You could say that these were a couple of the most dedicated and ballsy pot dealers in the UK. “Police placed the suitcases inside the police vehicle and noticed a strong smell of cannabis,” Mr. Sweeney continued.

He then informed the court that once the officers finally unzipped the suitcases, they found what looked to be massive amounts of marijuana stuffed into vacuum-sealed plastic bags.

Winsborough, a self-employed flooring worker from Waltham Forest, London, pled guilty to the charge in his absence. Sheriff George Way later delayed the sentence to perform background reports and allow Winsborough to appear in person.

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