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Guides | 07.28.2022

The Best Weed Friendly Beaches In California

Craving some weed on the water? Blunts at the beach? Pipes at the playa? Bongs on the bay? Any way you like it, getting baked at the beach is always a recipe for success. Here’s a list of our favorite blazin’ beaches.

Baseball. Hiking. Reading. Smoking weed at the beach.

What are ‘famous national pastimes,’ Alex?

That’s correct! And so is your intuition telling you to grab your stash and drive to the nearest beach. All along the California coast, there are pristine ocean fronts with views that can leave you speechless, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of the top-shelf beaches this state has to offer.  

We want you to enjoy your beach sesh to the fullest. That’s why we’ve recommended five great products from Eaze that pair wonderfully with sandy a sandy smoke sesh! Just use HERB30 at checkout to get $30 off your first delivery.

Carmel Beach

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Photo by JJason / Adobe Stock Photo

A white sand beach to match your frosted nugs? Sign me up, please. You’ll think you’ve smoked yourself straight to paradise at Carmel Beach, where you can admire the crystal clear waters and adventurous surfers as you toke up.   

The wonderful thing about a lot of the beaches along the state’s northern coast is that they often feature beautiful trees and foliage that one might not typically find near populated areas. The live oak trees showcase trunks and branches that are bent as if they are dancing in the wind.

There’s also a variety of nearby paths that lead to other trails, stairways, and gardens, making this beach ideal for exploring. 

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: You’ve heard of a caramel apple, but how about a Carmel Apple? You can give this fan-favorite treat a new spin with Apple Gelato Base Camp from Circles. Perfect for the beach, this uplifting and euphoric flower will fuel your adventures along the coast.  

Nevada Beach

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Photo by Ekaterina Elagina / Adobe Stock Photo

Okay, so this beach isn’t at an ocean, but Lake Tahoe is such a treasure and where else can you get forest, beach, and mountains all in one place.  Just north of the state line in South Lake Tahoe, this beach is dog-friendly so your best buds can join you in smoking your other best buds.

Your panoramic view of the immaculate Lake Tahoe, which is the second deepest lake in the U.S., and alpine peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains will leave you flabbergasted at the beauty this world has to offer.   

With lots of tables and benches for smoking sessions or family barbecues, this less populated beach is great for a laid-back day on the water. With the amazing view of mountains directly ahead and forested areas behind you, this Tahoe delight is a truly unique atmosphere for any smoke session. Afterward, you and your crew can get active by renting paddle boards or kayaks to explore the lake even more.   

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Who doesn’t love a weekend at the lake? With Everyday’s Sundae Driver vape cart, you can match the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe with this hybrid that features no fillers or botanical terpenes. Ideal for admiring the beauty all around you, this strain will also give you the energy to take a quick swim to cool down.  

Smoke California’s Best

STIIIZY is a cutting-edge cannabis company that you’ve surely heard of by now. If you’re not from Cali, or live under a rock, let me tell you a little bit about this high-end cannabis company. They offer a unique selection of cannabis products that are sure to appeal to any smoker, from the noobie to the seasoned vet. From their signature STIIIZY pen to their line of edibles, has something for all of the smokers out there. STIIIZY is committed to producing high-quality cannabis products that are safe and enjoyable for all customers. Their innovative products and commitment to quality, along with the purity and high THC potency, are sure to make them a sure banger for even the stoniest of smokers.

Chill sunset vibes, picnic snacks are packed, and the crew is heading to the beach. Missing one thing… What could that be? The WEED. We’re all about a strong, crisp J on the beach.  Maybe 5. STIIZY’s 40s Pre-Rolls pack is the variety pack for you and the homies on any occasion.  So be that guy, definitely bring a pack to the beach, lawn chairs out, umbrella set up, light up. STIIIZY’s 40s pre-rolls are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Each pre-roll is filled with 0.4 grams of top-shelf indoor cannabis flower, expertly rolled, and packaged sleekly. A little bit of Pineapple Express, Skywalker OG, and some Blue Dreams.  That’s a beautiful afternoon.

Pfeiffer Beach

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Photo by beketoff / Adobe Stock Photo

Much like Michelle, this is a true babe of a beach! Located about 30 miles south of Monterrey, in the gorgeous town of Big Sur, this beach is a hidden gem that takes a drive off the main highway to access. With clear, light blue water near the sand and rocks, and a gradual darkening as the water fades away from shore, you’ll be in awe of this monochromatic spectacle that will stay with you forever. 

 Big Sur in general is such a naturally exquisite wonderland of the central coast that should be on all of our bucket lists. Only a couple miles from McWay Falls, a fellow worthy location on another top list of smoke spots, this pristine Pfeiffer Beach features huge rock formations protruding from the beautiful, crisp blue water. Numerous campgrounds and state parks surround the area, making it ideal for an extended stay.   

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: A journey in crystal clear waters will bring joy to anyone, but why not double up that elation with Everyday’s Mimosa vape cart. This high-spirited and bubbly sativa is quite the companion for your oceanside expeditions.  

Rosie’s Dog Beach

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Photo by Thomas Wasper / Adobe Stock Photo

Located in the illustrious neighborhood of Belmont Shore in Long Beach, this dog beach offers stoners plenty of entertainment. If you’re lucky enough to go on ‘Corgi Day’ then you are in for a treat! Dozens of corgis frolicking up and down the beach, with no business being as cute as they are.   

Whether it’s a group yoga class or beach volleyball tournament, this beach is always buzzing with activity.   Speaking of activity, this coastal canine corner is within walking distance from the famous 2nd street, known for its nightlife scene, where you can stroll along lots of shops, bars, and restaurants.

If that’s not your cup of hard tea, you can travel north from Rosie’s to the aquarium or shoreline marina, which is definitely worth a gander if you’ve never been. Take a tour of the Queen Mary and make sure to not take a ghost with you.   

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Considering this is a more populated area, it would be convenient for you to stock up on these Pink Lemonade Pre-Roll 7-Pack from Circles. With each joint containing a gram of the relaxing and mood-enhancing strain, you’ll want to play fetch until the sun goes down.  

El Matador State Beach

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Photo by Orlando / Adobe Stock Photo

Right off of the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu lies a rocky utopia that displays one of the most beautiful convergence zones of land and ocean. El Matador Beach’s parking lot doesn’t have many spots, so you’ll want to get there fairly early to ensure you’ll be able to park. If you have to resort to parking along PCH, you’ll have to make a descent down to the water, but rest assured that the trip will be well worth it.   

Any opportunity to smoke in a cave near a beach should be met with enthusiasm and a plethora of ganja.   While you can’t hotbox the cave, it will provide you with a sheltered nook to spark up. Walking along the sand, through archways implanted in ginormous rocks, and admiring the scattered mansions that overlook it all, will be as therapeutic as a day at the spa.   

Visiting this beach during low tide gives you the best opportunity to explore the caves and arches that also provide excellent photoshoot opportunities.   

OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: You will no doubt feel like a king or queen when you’re smoking in your cannabis cave, and the Royal Cookies cart from Everyday will confirm your throne. Also, you might very well feel the crown around your head when this relaxing indica calms your body and gives you that wonderful tingling feeling.   

California Flower By Edition For All California Beaches

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The best product to buy when visiting a tourist location will always be local. Edition cares to provide users with top-tier flower grown in North California and curated with the highest standards.

This Los Angeles-based company strives to grow and curate the best flower. They also create amazing products and accessories for all your needs. Both weed enthusiasts and connoisseurs will love the available strains and the standards with which Edition grows and makes its lineup.

Edition has excellent options for those looking for exciting flower options with the summer vibe. Take a look at their PCH Sunset strain, a high-power, Indica-dominant hybrid packed with terps and flavor. Its sweet and creamy, smooth flavor profile and relaxing effects are great for a day of chilling under the Californian sun.

For a more energizing experience, you can take a look at the PCH Sunrise strain. This sexy Indica-hybrid has a mellow orange and citrus flavor, great for tanning under the sun, walking on the smooth South Cali sand, or dipping in the ocean!

When on the lookout for herb to smoke under the sun at the beach, Edition is a great option. On top of that, they pack their flower in 100% recycled glass jars with ocean recycled lids. Extra brownie points.

Kushy Dreams Sets A New Standard For Smokeable Hemp And CBD Products

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