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News | 11.01.2021

Antigua And Barbuda: The Best Spots In Paradise To Smoke

Welcome to pot paradise.

After noticing the economic and health benefits of marijuana, the island of Antigua and Barbuda planted their feet in the industry back in 2018 by adopting decriminalization legislation. Passed in 2018, The Cannabis Act regulates the possession, manufacturing, and sale of medicinal marijuana while permitting individuals to possess up to 15 grams.

In addition, citizens may grow up to four marijuana plants, and licensed dealers are permitted to distribute marijuana to patients for medical reasons. Although the island is lenient on recreational use, they still enforce that it cannot be consumed or smoked in public areas.

To get the most of your trip to Antigua and Barbuda, we’ve decided to list some of the best, safest, and most lowkey smoke spots to keep you lifted and out of trouble with the law.

Devil's Bridge: Indian Town National Park

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Sitting on the northeast coast of Antigua are the rugged rocks and rough waters of Indian Town National Park’s Devil’s Bridge. The natural limestone was naturally sculpted over centuries of crashing waves and erosion, making for one of Antigua’s most unique and scenic places. Why not indulge in the devil’s lettuce at the Devil’s Bridge? This place can get a little packed mid-day, so it’s best to head over around the evening to light up lowkey and away from people.

17 Mile Beach

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With more sand than the eye can see, Barbuda’s 17 Mile Beach is exactly what it sounds like. Surrounded by light aqua and teal seas, the beautiful coastal stretch offers pink sand that separates the Barbuda lagoon from the Caribbean sea. Taking a walk down the 17 Mile Beach is one of the best ways to spark up without anyone noticing. It’s located in a remote, isolated area, and since it’s 17 miles long, walkers are usually spaced out enough to allow for safe, low-key cannabis consumption.

Dickenson Bay

Photo courtesy of Sandals

The Bay is protected by an offshore reef, making it great for swimming, water sports, and other aquatic activities. It’s also popular for windsurfing, so since the Bay can get a bit windy, it might be hard to spark your lighter. Nonetheless, there are several nooks and crannies perfect for a quick coastal session.

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