Behind The Brand: CampNova, The #1 Celebrity Cannabis Delivery Platform

Want to smoke like a celebrity? Get premium high-end brands delivered to your door with CampNova.

There’s a handful of celebrity cannabis brands we’re sure you haven’t tried yet.

Most of the time, it’s an accessibility issue. Getting your hands on Lil Wayne’s GKUA or that dank Birkinz strain from Quavo can be tough, but that’s where CampNova comes in.

The brand is centered around delivering your favorite celebrity or influencers’ cannabis brand and top-shelf products straight to your doorstep.

It’s your one-stop shop for all things premium cannabis. Find everyone from musicians, artists, actors, influencers, athletes, and more.

Behind The Brand

One of the most impressive collaborations from CampNova is with GAS Cannabis Co., 2 Chainz’s premium cannabis brand.

Although the brand wants to give you access to your favorite celebrity’s cannabis brand, it’s not all about the fame, glitz, and glam for CampNova.

Co-founders Emery Morrison and Marvin Wilcher are adamant about social equity and ensuring that communities most impacted by the war on drugs are included in this profitable industry.

Morrison explained how CampNova’s partnership with GAS is “sparking conversations about minorities and Black-owned businesses in the cannabis space.”

He added that building their own teams and working with strategic partnerships is an example of “legal ‘trappin’ integrated with lifestyle technology. We are focused on supporting our communities to have a real seat in this trillion-dollar industry.”

Finally, CampNova solved a major issue for consumers, payment method. When ordering delivery through CampNova, you can pay with debit and credit cards, something that’s not often seen in the United States cannabis industry.

An Endless List Of Partnerships

Photo courtesy of GKUA

CampNova is proud to be one of the first brands to use technology and influencer marketing to transform the cannabis space. Even better, its delivery services make those premium cannabis brands easily accessible.

Wilcher said that collaborating with celebrities and influencers who “understand the importance of a relationship directly with our community and the customer” is an unmatched experience.

You might be wondering who CampNova has partnered with. Below are a few names and brands that might be of interest;

  • Clown Cannabis – Slipknot
  • Fryday Kush – Ice Cube
  • Infamous Farms by Big Twin – Mobb Deep
  • Khalifa Kush – Wiz Khalifa
  • JUJU ROYAL – Julian Marley
  • Garcia Hand Picked – Jerry Garcia
  • Napalm – Xzibit
  • Aphrodisiak – Lil Kim
  • Tyson Ranch – Mike Tyson
  • Monogram – Jay-Z
  • Tical – Method Man
  • GKUA – Lil Wayne
  • Tommy Chong Brands – Tommy Chong
  • Forbidden Flowers – Bella Thorne
  • Trees by Game – The Game

The list goes on. Which brand are you most excited to purchase? For more information about CampNova, visit its website at

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