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Behind The Brand: Shavo Odadjian’s Brand 22Red Is Leading A Cannabis Revolution

A brand for creatives, by creatives. Meet 22Red.

Are you in the mood for some Chop Suey!?

If you’re not hungry just yet, you will be after puffing on some of 22Red‘s premium cannabis products. 22Red is the creation of life-long cannabis connoisseur and System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian.

The brand launched shortly after California legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, and since then, it’s become an award-winning, sought-after lifestyle brand that strives to elevate your everyday life.

About 22Red

Photo courtesy of 22Red

If you consider yourself a creative, 22Red has the products for you.

Being a musician himself, Odadjian launched the brand to celebrate artists, performers, and anyone with a creative bone in their body.

The brand was born in Los Angeles and intersects cannabis culture with music, art, and fashion, a few sub-categories that make up our precious culture.

Instead of falling into trends, 22Red sets them. They do so by amplifying the importance of well-being and taking advantage of your creative mind with help from the sacred plant.

Plus, it helps that Odadjian knows his way around good weed. The brand uses the highest quality premium cannabis products to help you hone those creative abilities and make the most of them.

Curating Creative Experiences

The brand noted a remarkable statement on its website, helping consumers better understand the brand’s mission and what it aims to achieve.

22Red only selects the right products, content, and collaborators to achieve its mission of inspiring creativity. Its website states that 22Red is:

  • The frame to the artwork
  • The amplifier to the band
  • The runway to the collection

But you might be thinking, where did the name 22Red come from? Interestingly, the name is inspired by Odadjian’s affinity with numerology and synesthesia.

He’s experienced various life-changing events that involved the number 22; thus, it was only right that his passion project ties in that special number.

In numerological terms, the number 22 is often seen as a destiny number, achieving your dreams, and letting you know that you’re on the right path.

For that reason, 22Red wants to help you along your life path and purpose. For Shavo Odadjian, his current purpose is to serve the creatives of the world with the leading cannabis products at 22Red.

Whichever product you choose, be it a clothing article or premium indoor flower, allow 22Red to bring some positivity, clarity, and creativity into your everyday life.

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