Behind The Brand: Willie’s Reserve

Willie Nelson not only makes great music, he also has his own brand of cannabis.

Willie’s Reserve is Willie Nelson’s cannabis project. A brand that pays tribute to the tradition of sharing, caring, and toking all around cannabis. 

Willie is and has been one of the most enthusiastic and committed supporters of legalization; that’s why his brand is the materialization of that broad vision of the world focused on a good cannabis session; it is this same vision that guides Willie’s Reserve.

Behind The Brand

Willie Nelson is a music legend who has always been a cannabis lover, but his decision to enter the industry was a reflection of how much he believed in the good that cannabis could do in the world.

Nelson’s own words explain that if you believe in something, it makes the most sense to promote it. From this simple idea of following one’s principles comes Willie’s Reserve.

This cannabis company is not the typical one you find at the corner dispensary, no, Willie’s Reserve is a representation of the singer’s life and it shows in everything that surrounds this iconic company.

Willie’s Reserve reflects his passion for music and cannabis; ultimately, cannabis culture is a way of life for him. 

Willie Nelson is a man who has easily smoked more weed than any of us in a lifetime, is a leader in the cannabis community, and sits on the NORML advisory board. He is an authority on the subject, and his own brand of cannabis is proof of that.


The whole Willie’s Reserve project was developed by his family and his interest in environmental and social issues. His mission is to be a light and guide on the road to legalization.

A Passion For Cannabis Born From A Music Legend

For Willie Nelson, cannabis is a way of life and is part of every moment of it.

In his long and eclectic career, Willie Nelson has recorded country music, standards, and gospel, and now he is actively involved in the cannabis industry with his own company born out of his love for weed.

Willie’s Reserve’s product line includes flowers and CO2-extracted concentrates, edibles, vape accessories, and merchandise.

Behind this brand are Nelson’s love of cannabis and his firm belief in the good that cannabis can do in the world. 

His blues-flavored vocals have taken the music scene by storm, and now his brand of cannabis is setting a new standard in the cannabis market.


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