TICAL Brand: Wu-Tang’s Method Man

In the wise words of Method Man, "Roll It, Light It, Smoke It."

There are only a handful of meaningful celebrity cannabis brands. As unfortunate as it sounds, many companies are only in it for the hype and profits.

This is what sets your average cannabis brand apart from those created by legendary cannabis activists that strive to preserve the culture. When it comes to TICAL, legendary is an understatement.

What started as his own word for cannabis in 1993 evolved into a legacy cannabis brand thanks to founder and cannabis culture godfather, Method Man.

Now, TICAL has launched operations throughout several states and amassed a loyal following of consumers that constantly return to “roll it, light it, smoke it,” as Method Man would say.


TICAL launched in California in 2020. But the name TICAL isn’t so new; in fact, it’s about 30 years old.

Method Man coined the term TICAL in 1993 when recording his debut solo album of the same name. TICAL stands for “Taking Into Consideration All Lives,” which still reflects today in the brand’s mission and goal.

The brand was made for “street intellectually inclined cannabis enthusiasts who embody music, art, fashion, sneakers, and subculture,” reads TICAL‘s website.

Based on its affinity with hip-hop and cannabis culture, TICAL represents the burgeoning cannabis “movement, lifestyle, and swagger,” representative of Method Man himself.

Its goal? To continue the TICAL legacy by “offering premium flower and spreading love throughout the community” notes the brand. If there’s anything to expect when indulging in TICAL‘s many products, it’s to experience the sensations of “healing, serenity, and peace.”

The TICAL Experience

How do you know when a brand sells good weed? It helps if the founder is an OG cannabis connoisseur, enthusiast, and advocate for law reform and criminal justice.

Method Man took a hard look at the industry from all angles and noticed a lack of trust between consumers and brands. Thus, when buying TICAL weed, there’s no “what if it’s old” or “what if it’s weak.”

If it’s not up to Method Man’s standards, trust that it won’t be on the shelves. It’s that simple. The brand’s premium indoor flower is grown with the utmost TLC, ensuring each batch is unmatched.

Furthermore, if you’re a lifelong fan of hip-hop and are deeply submerged in the culture, you’ll appreciate Method Man’s authentic spin on traditional cannabis branding.

This reflects in product packaging and slogans like the “Light That Shit” rolling papers, “Roll That Shit” rolling trays,” and “Bag That Shit” drawstring bags.

With over 25 years of cannabis advocacy under his belt, while maintaining his relevance over the decades, TICAL isn’t just any celebrity cannabis brand but one brought to you by an original godfather of the cannabis culture we continue celebrating to this day.

TICAL‘s products are currently available in California, Nevada, Colorado, Arkansas, and Michigan. For more information about Method Man’s TICAL brand, visit its website at ticalofficial.com.

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