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Grasscity: Your One-Stop Shop For Premium Glass And Accessories

See our favorite glass pieces from Grasscity and get yours today.

When is it time for a revamp? While stoners often become accustomed to their routines, who’s to say your sessions don’t need some freshening up? And the best way to do that is with accessories that make all the difference.

At Grasscity, you’re invited to explore a wide range of premium accessories, from grinders and papers to bubblers and pipes. This online headshop remains one of the most trusted in the industry, satisfying the community’s needs for top-notch accessories that don’t break the bank.

See below for more information about Grasscity and two of our favorite glass pieces from their impressive production selection.

Behind The Brand

Photo by RDNE Stock project / Pexels

Trust in Grasscity for all of your accessory needs. The team behind the brand is proud to be part of such a diverse counterculture that’s constantly looking for ways to elevate their routines. At Grasscity, you’ll find just about everything to make your sessions complete!

The team works around the clock to hunt down the newest, coolest, and best smoking gear for our community, and their catalog is jam-packed. It took 20 years of development and feedback to land Grasscity in the estemmed spot they are today, leading the industry with the finest accessories praised by over half a million users. Check out two of our favorite picks from the brand below.

Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong

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This is one of the most reliable bongs on the market, and it’s affordable too! Made of high-quality borosilicate glass with a stable, beaker base design, the Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong features an 18.8mm ground joint and a 14.5mm male bowl piece with a glass handle.

With a black keck clip to keep everything locked in place, this bong also features a sleek black rim and Glasscity decal on the tube. Inside the bong are ice notches to catch ice and smooth your smoke for cool, enjoyable rips. Quality is the name of the game here. Order now and bring out the best in your herb with a bong built to last.

Glass Blunt With Inside-Out Fume And Color Artwork

If you prefer smaller, handheld pieces, check out the brand’s Glass Blunt With Inside-Out Fume. It’s a pocket-sized glass blunt that removes the need to roll up. Instead, it lets you load your flower into high-quality glass for a cleaner, smoother experience.

The inside-out fumed glass paired with the sleek artwork makes it a stand-out addition to your stash, and its portable design lets you puff anywhere, anytime. Extend it, retract it, and clean it effortlessly. This Glass Blunt was designed to take your sessions to the next level. Get yours today and experience it yourself.

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