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High-Quality Hemp Products That Pack A Punch: Get Them From WNC CBD

Shop ultra-potent THCa flower, extra-strength gummies, and more!

What’s your preferred method of ingestion? Are you a flower fan? Edible lover? A dedicated concentrate connoisseur? Whichever you prefer, we’ve found a brand with everything you need to stay high for the holidays.

Enter WNC CBD, a locally-owned family business from North Carolina that prioritizes quality with every product. Their pure THCa Diamonds are taking the market by storm, not to mention their ultra-potent THCa Flower and Extra Strength D9 Gummies.

If you’re after products that make a difference, WNC CBD has you covered. See below for more information about the brand and 3 stand-out products for high tolerances.

Behind The Brand

Photo by Keti Chikhladze

When you’re looking for legal hemp products that pack a punch like cannabis, look to WNC CBD. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, WNC CBD is a locally-owned, family-run business that’s here to provide you with the highest-quality hemp products nationwide.

The team behind the brand has devoted over 15 years to nurturing their love for cannabis and related products, and their jam-packed product selection reflects it. WNC CBD remains committed to their mission of providing consumers with an exceptional hemp experience built on quality.

With every product, the brand continues shedding light on the benefits of hemp while offering thoughtfully designed options for natural alternatives and a balanced lifestyle. See some of our top picks from WNC CBD below.

THCa Black Velvet Indoor Living Soil

This strain hits hard, and it’s not for the faint of heart. WNC CBD’s THCa Black Velvet is a 50/50 hybrid with balanced effects, a complex flavor profile, and wicked potencies.

Seriously, this strain tests up to 34% in total cannabinoids, with the main one being potent THCa. Upon opening the packaging, a whiff of sweet fruit, berries, and grapes hits the nose, alongside a flavor profile of earth and sweetness.

With dark purple tones and rich green hues, it’s a visually appealing strain designed to keep you relaxed, stress-free, and comfortable. It features 2% terpenes like Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene while providing mild cerebral euphoria due to its balanced hybrid nature. Get yours now and treat yourself to hazy holidays!

3:1 Mixed EXTRA STRENGTH Δ9 Gummies

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If you’re looking for powerful gummies loaded with flavor and potency, check out WNC CBD’s 3:1 Mixed EXTRA STRENGTH D9 Gummies.

Not only are these gummies ultra-potent, but they’re all natural and available in Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Cherry, Orange, and Dragon Fruit flavors! Choose from a 10-pack or 20-pack, and experience 24mg Delta-9 THC, 19mg Delta-8 THC, 85mg CBD, and 3mg CBC per gummy!

That means each piece contains 132mg total cannabinoids, a dose designed for those with higher tolerances. Vegan, gluten-free, and made with the highest-quality, naturally-extracted hemp distillate, WNC CBD’s Delta-9 Gummies mean business. Order now and munch your way to euphoria.

THCa Diamonds

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For our fellow dabbers out there, consider yourself baked with WNC CBD’s THCa Diamonds, one of the purest on the market. This highly concentrated extract was designed to offer a pure and potent effect, thanks to a lower terpene profile to make room for potency.

More specifically, these THCa Diamonds feature 99.582% THCa, making them a true treat for connoisseurs and those with higher tolerances. Use it solo at higher temperatures between 500 and 650°F, or mix it with other resins/concentrates for a more pronounced effect. Get yours now and see what the hype is about.

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