Pipe Dreams Has The Cannabis Accessories You’ve Been Dreaming Of

It doesn't get much better than the stylish and functional smoking accessories at Pipe Dreams.

Basic pieces and smoking accessories got you down? There are only so many beaker bongs we can take. Improving your sessions with accessories and pieces you can celebrate is a huge win.

After all, we all use cannabis for different, personal reasons, so it’s only fitting to use accessories that reflect your taste. Your local dispensary might be chock-full of average-looking bongs, pipes, and accessories, but you have yet to find one that resonates with you.

End your hunt for stylish and functional smoking accessories at Pipe Dreams, a brand for stylish stoners. See below for more information about this unique accessories brand and a few of their best-selling pieces.

Behind The Brand

Do you consider yourself a stylish stoner? Whether you dress in the latest, most fashionable clothes or equip your sessions with contemporary smoking accessories, Pipe Dreams is for you.

This brand deeply cares about one thing: creating stylish products for trendy people who love weed. If that’s something you can relate to, browse the company’s seriously unique pipes, bongs, grinders, lighters, and ashtrays. I personally didn’t know I needed an Alien Abduction Water Pipe until now.

Pipe Dreams was founded by award-winning content creator and co-host of the Pot Psychology podcast, Tracie Egan Morrissey. Today, Pipe Dreams prides itself on creating beautiful, visually-appealing pieces with superb aesthetics and exceptional functionality.

Pipe Dreams invites you to smoke in style and bring your wildest cannabis dreams to life. See below for some hot products and best sellers.

Dreaming Of Stylish And Functional Pipes?

Below, we’ve included some of our favorite goods from Pipe Dreams. And trust me when I say there’s much more where these came from.

Pipes: Stoners are the aliens of society, so why not flaunt it? The Alien Abduction Water Pipe from Pipe Dreams features a flying saucer abducting an adorable little mushroom house. Tell the smurfs inside to look out before you take a hit. Standing 7″ tall and 2.5″ wide, this celestial water pipe also features small bulbs at the ship’s base that glow in the dark.

Ashtrays: Also available in Mint, Lilac, and Teal, the Half Circle Ashray Amber is a stunning ashtray that can make any good session great. Featuring a small notch for your joint, it’s a double-walled, oversized glass piece from Yew Yew that snuggles perfectly into your hand when smoking a joint, making it easy to pass around during the rotation.

Grinders: The Hamburger Grinder from Pipe Dreams will make your stomach growl. With 2.1″ in diameter, this three-piece hamburger grinder has three chambers for grinding, storing, and kief catching. It’s a cute and affordable grinder that’s always foreshadowing your post-sesh munchies.

Lighters: Spark your joint without a spark, thanks to The Perfect Joint Lighter. This butane-free lighter is compact and rechargeable, ensuring your flower is never masked with the gassy taste of butane. Shoutout to the Strawberry Lighter and Burger Lighter for reminding me that it’s lunchtime.

For more products and information about Pipe Dreams, visit their website at pipedreams.fun.

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