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News | 12.02.2021

Cannabis In The Metaverse?

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The Metaverse has been storming through the news these past few weeks, but the public is demonstrating a lack of excitement. This might be because the public doesn’t clearly understand the Metaverse, and we don’t blame you for that. 

It’s essentially a digital identity sector that could see users making money and connecting with other individuals through avatars and digital assets. Sector watchers are saying this is solely a continuation of traditional identity services, which was expected in the new age of technology

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There are already hundreds of firms that have a stake in the Metaverse. The opportunities for digital identity firms are endless if they are willing to adopt even more progressive ideas like digital cannabis cultivation.

A burgeoning metaverse spread across virtual themed islands dubbed Aftermath Islands recently announced that it has sold all its plots for Bitcoin Bay. Although some users might be disappointed they didn’t grab any land. There are still “high” hopes because Aftermath Islands is also launching the Cannabis Cove series of islands.

According to Biometric Update, these islands will feature interactive growing farms where qualified players can cultivate hemp plants and conduct eCommerce operations where it’s available. Liquid Avatar, a biometric and blockchain ID firm, has launched a subsidiary company dubbed Oasis Digital Studios Limited, which will provide user and buyer ID verification. It will also take 30% of all transacted sales on the islands.

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Cannabis Cove was created with Colorado-based Primo Gardens, a vertically integrated CBD and Hemp company that grows, extracts, and produces tinctures, cosmetics, lotions, pet treats, salves, gummies, and other products from their facilities. This means that Cannabis Cove will support the growth of hemp.

In a press release from Oasis, they note that “Oasis will maintain a vested interest in the Cannabis Cove islands program.” To conduct legal grows, Oasis will also produce Liquid Avatar technology to verify legal age and other jurisdictional requirements.

Oasis is also partnering with Aftermath Islands to create an entertainment and gaming experience island for the forthcoming establishment of the Metaverse, which will be called Vegas Island.

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Oasis’ press release also stated that the subsidiary company will “maintain a vested interest in the Vegas Island program.” Still, it’s unclear if the 30% of sales revenue will apply to cannabis sales and gaming on Vegas Island.

The press release also hinted that Vegas Island will carry more than just games, “The global online gambling market size is projected to reach US$158.2 billion by 2028.” which shows a CAGR of 11.4% during the projection phase. In conclusion, Aftermath Island is excited to launch virtual gaming and other experience for users to fully experience the diverse Metaverse activities.

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