Photo courtesy of Cheba Hut

News | 11.05.2021

Cheba Hut: The Weed-Themed Sub Shop In Texas

This "toasted" sub shop is getting Elon Musk's attention in the weirdest way.

Although possessing, cultivating, and selling recreational cannabis in Texas is illegal, there’s a marijuana-themed sandwich shop that’s been busy countering the culture.

Cheba Hut’s latest creation is their replica of Tesla-inspired Cybertruck made from Rice Krispies, sent to SpaceX near Brownsville, Texas. One of Cheba Hut’s Facebook posts made it clear that the truck was meant purely for Elon Musk’s enjoyment. “We dropped a full-size replica of a Tesla-inspired Cybertruck, wrapped in our Rice Krispies and converted to a custom, MARS CYBER ROVER, for you this morning! Go outside and check it out!”

Photo courtesy of Cheba Hut

A few days earlier, Cheba Hut teased the delivery when posting two pictures of the Rice Krispy vehicle, which comes with the SpaceX name and Cheba Hut on the license plate. Funny enough, they even delivered the vehicle with a driver’s license for Mars, specifically for Musk, which features a screenshot of him smoking a blunt on the Joe Rogan podcast a few years back.

The latest presentation to Musk is just another way for Cheba Hut to garner some attention. The sandwich shop built its fanbase with the many cannabis-related products they serve, like the Jamaican Red chicken sub, the Silver Haze hummus-based sandwich, and the Sensi Kush BLT, although none of them contain cannabis.

Photo courtesy of Cheba Hut

Cheba Hut’s website states that their “toasted” sub concept has not only “been curing munchies since its start in 1998,” but it allows founder Scott Jennings to “showcase the harmony between great tasting food and … well, a very specific counter-culture.”

Their menu also provides many tasty Rice Krispy treats, seemingly the focal point of the new Cybertruck soon to be presented to Elon Musk himself. Jennings told the Washington Examiner that the truck was covered in 180 batches of their Rice Krispy treats and later dyed grey.

Photo courtesy of Cheba Hut

Overall, the truck holds over 100 pounds of Rice Krispies, more than 150 bags of marshmallows, and roughly 50 pounds of butter. Jennings also noted that if anyone at SpaceX happens to have the munchies, the Cybertruck is entirely edible and ready to be picked at.

“We are big fans of SpaceX and Elon Musk’s outside-the-box thinking,” Jennings told the Washington Examiner. Although it’s not entirely clear why the Texas-based sandwich shop made such an “interesting” rendition of Tesla’s Cybertruck, it’s certain that when Musk comes searching for new sandwich joints to bring to Mars, Cheba Hut will be the top contender. 

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