Deliciously Dee and rapper B-Real collaborate on a cannabis-inspired cookbook.

Danielle Russell, also known as Deliciously Dee, approached Cypress Hill’s B-Real with a bag of candy, and the rest is history.

Space Tango CubeLab floating inside the International Space Station before installation in the TangoLab facility.

According to Space Tango, the plants might thrive better in an environment without gravity.

Learn to Run a Cannabusiness While Gaming With Weedcraft Inc. Here, a man is shown playing a video game on his mobile phone

You can now learn what it’s like to operate in the grey market…without the risks.

From famous musicians to a former president, here are the best quotes on why weed is better than alcohol.

Actor and comedian, Nick Offerman, is vocal in his beliefs that weed is is better than alcohol.

Why would you name a giant glass bong anything other that Bongzilla?

The famous Las Vegas sign. The biggest glass bong in the world, aptly named Bongzilla, now calls the City of Sin home.

From hemp products to medicine, cannabis has been helping society for 10,000 years. But what’s next?

A man looks through a microscope. Scientists confirm cannabis has been helping society for 10,000 years.

Their plan to steal weed included smashing in the windows of the dispensary and then speeding away in a car outside.

Native Roots Dispensary worker. A group of teens' recent plan to steal weed from a dispensary went terribly wrong.

“Chronic by Dre” was slated to include everything from topicals to smoking accessories.

'Chronic by Dre' Cannabis Brand Planned Without Dre's Permission. Here, a photo of Dre is shown.

According to recent government data, baby boomers smoke weed more than teenagers now. This represents a major shift over the last decade.

For The First Time, Baby Boomers Smoke Weed More Than Their Kids. Here, a man is shown rolling a joint

The simultaneous rise of cannabis and feminism is as timely as it is symbolic. These are 10 women in cannabis to follow on Instagram who are helping to keep the momentum.

Cannabis influencer, Bess Byers, is on Herb's list of 10 women in cannabis to follow on Instagram

Teen cannabis users aren’t just smoking.

The most popular way teen cannabis users get high is still smoking. Here, a man is shown lighting a joint

Most of these celebrity parents who smoke weed have publicly said they would rather their kids toke than drink.

Susan Sarandon is just one of the many celebrity parents who smoke weed.

What does Willie Nelson say when asked if he would smoke weed with Donald Trump?

Willie Nelson performs onstage. Willie Nelson recently appeared on Stephen Colbert's talk show, where he listed the people he would smoke up with.

It turns out CBD and THC strains together can create that perfect balance between the CBD calm and THC high.

Why People Are Smoking Strains With High CBD and THC Together

‘Redemption Of A Dogg’ will tour the United States, starting in Houston, Texas on October 5.

Snoop Dogg Announces His Musical Theater Debut With 'Redemption Of A Dogg'

After planting drugs on drivers, he’d haul them off to jail.

Florida Cop Accused of Planting Drugs on Dozens Of Drivers and Then Arresting Them

The Securities and Exchange Commission is suing Elon Musk for sending out a tweet which not only got the world wondering whether he smokes weed, but led to chaos among his investors.

Elon Musk Sued Over 420 Tweet Which Caused Tesla Stock's to Tank

“Weed the People” will be out in theaters next month.

"Weed the People" follows parents treating their children with cannabis.

More than 100 pounds of weed washed up in Florida and local police have no idea where it came from.

More than 100 pounds of weed washed up in Florida.

These ten women in cannabis are just some of the many using social media to spread the good word.

A woman smokes a joint. Many women in cannabis are using social media to spread their message and break stigmas.

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