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Aeriz Specializes In Sustainable, Pure, And Consistent Cannabis Flower

An aeroponically-grown high-quality flower that reduces waste. What's better than that?

We all deserve to smoke great weed. The only issue is finding it. While some brands promise to grow only the finest buds, their cultivation sites are often huge energy wasters.

In today’s industry, we encourage you to use your dollars with intent and give to brands that are making a difference in terms of cannabis flower quality, sustainability, and consistency.

You deserve flower that lets you can predict the effects while achieving peace of mind in knowing it was grown sustainably.

When you’re looking for exceptional, safe, and predictable flower, look to Aeriz. They specialize in pure and consistent cannabis that beginners and seasoned users can celebrate.

About Aeriz

Aeriz is an award-winning cannabis brand praised for its top-shelf aeroponically-grown flower. Here, sustainability is the top priority.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of aeroponics, allow Aeriz to show what it’s all about. Without the use of soil, Aeriz’s plants are grown in reusable clay beads with water and nutrients that are recycled in a closed-loop system.

The process is much more environmentally friendly than traditional grows, and the end result is impressive. Aeriz understands that quality and purity are essential. For that reason, their flower is as wholesome, unaltered, and consistent as it gets.

With some of the lowest ppm contamination results in the industry, you can puff with peace of mind that your flower is the cream of the crop. It’s also worth noting that Aeriz’s recyclable packaging breaks down in less than 7-10 years, trumping the competition’s packaging that decomposes in 80 – 100+ years.

Expand Your Stash

Aeriz’s lineup of flower is impressive. Their Ice Cream Cake cultivar came in third place for The Best Indica Flower at the 2021 Cannabis Cup Illinois: People’s Choice Edition.

Ice Cream Cake only scratches the surface of potent and superior strains at Aeriz. Whether you have a craving for relaxing Indica effects or a stimulating Sativa buzz, we invite you to experience cannabis the Aeriz way:

  • Aeropnically grown
  • Sustainable
  • Consistent
  • Flavorful
  • Potent

The brand currently carries a vast lineup of 35 distinct strains, each with their own unique characteristics that will tickle your fancy. Find tried and true classics like the landrace strain Afghan Kush or newer cultivars like the potent hybrid Mangorita.

Whichever you choose, expect dense, sticky, and aromatic buds that will leave a delicious trail of dank wherever they go.

For more information about Aeriz, visit their website at

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