Available in six unique flavors – three sour and three sweet – Allswell cannabis-infused gummies offer customers potency and quality at unbeatable value (CNW Group/Glass House Brands Inc.)

Culture | 09.22.2022

Allswell Believes Cannabis Should Be An Affordable Right, Not A Luxury

This cannabis brand wants you to live life in peace with affordable, high-quality cannabis.

Everyone should have easy access to cannabis.

No matter the age, location, dietary restriction, or condition, humans far and wide should be entitled to purchase high-quality cannabis products without breaking the bank or traveling to another city or state.

The main issue with access to the highest quality cannabis is insanely high prices. Not everyone is willing to pay over $40 for the highest grade 3.5g of flower at the dispensary.

That’s where Allswell comes in. The brand believes that access to the healing properties and benefits of cannabis should be a right, not a luxury. For that reason, it’s one of the most affordable cannabis brands in the country.

About Allswell

Allswell is a brand that operates under Glass House Brands, one of the fastest-growing vertically integrated cannabis companies in the United States.

Glass House Brands‘ portfolio of brands ranges far and wide, including:

  • Forbidden Flowers (Bella Thorne)
  • Glass House Farms
  • Plus
  • Mama Sue Wellness
  • Allswell

Out of all the brandsAllswell is where you’re truly getting a bang for your buck. All products are rich in naturally-occurring terpenes and contain the full spectrum of cannabinoid profiles to provide you with the complete cannabis experience.

The goal for Allwell is consistency and simplicity. It strives to help you find products you can rely on for predictable and consistent experiences each time around. This is especially true for beginner users looking to dabble in the healing properties of cannabis but isn’t sure which products will benefit their situation.

With Allswell, relief is only an affordable click away. The brand firmly believes that cannabis can bring ease, peace, and vibrance to what can be a dark world at times.

Chief Revenue Officer for Glass House Brands, Hilal Tabsh, said in a press release that the Allswell brand “was created with a singular mission – to ensure the benefits of cannabis would be available to everyone regardless of dietary restrictions.”

With this in mind, there’s truly something for anybody and everybody at Allswell.

Leading Products

Allswell recently launched its line of THC gummies, which come in three sweet flavors and three sour flavors:

  • Mimosa – Sativa (Sweet)
  • Berry Dream – Indica (Sweet)
  • Fruit Punch – Hybrid (Sweet)
  • Kiwi Strawberry – Sativa (Sour)
  • Blue Raspberry – Indica (Sour)
  • Tropical Blast – Hybrid (Sour)

These gummies come with a generous 10mg THC per gummy, making for a package total of 100mg THC. Plus, they’re entirely vegan and make for an excellent potent, safe, and delicious treat.

If you’re more of a traditional flower consumer, you’ll be wowed by the flower prices at Allswell. Take the Weekend In The Woods strain, for example. With a whopping THC content of 24.3%, 1/8 of this potent and high-quality flower retails for $14 at Allswell. You simply can’t find better prices for great cannabis elsewhere.

And don’t forget to check out Allswell‘s line of pre-rolled joints, ready to smoke when you are. For more information about Allswell, visit its website at allswellhighs.com.

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