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How to Use Your Senses to Determine Quality Cannabis

Finding the best cannabis is a sensory experience. In this video recap, watch & learn how to use sight, scent, touch, & taste to find high-quality flower. Created with DOJA.
January 10, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox
Created with DOJA.

The cannabis plant teases all senses. The final episode of Senses recaps the most important moments in the series, walking you through the cannabis selection process step-by-step. Join Dylan and his guests one last time for a truly sensational cannabis experience.


Created with DOJA.

Is it love at first sight? Sight is our first interaction with cannabis. The overall look of a flower gives you vital information regarding its quality. First, a well-trimmed flower indicates that the plant has been manicured and cared for prior to purchase. 

Second, an abundance of milky white trichomes suggests that the plant contains a wealth of active cannabis compounds, the natural chemicals that give the plants their unique effects. Finally, tangles of auburn-colored pistils suggest that the flower was harvested at just the right time—when the blossom was ripe and ready.


Created with Doja.

Scent is instinctual. If a cannabis flower has an appealing smell, that’s the one you should select. All cannabis flowers have distinct aromas and often feature one or two dominant terpenes. 

These dominant aromatic molecules make up the heart of a blossom’s fragrance. But, no terpene is an island. Several terpenes contribute to the scent of a cannabis strain. It’s the harmony between the fragrances that create a complex perfume. 

When in doubt, follow your nose.


Created with Doja.

What happens when you roll a cannabis flower between your fingertips? Our sense of touch is one of the most underrated ways of evaluating cannabis quality. And yet, touch will tell us whether or not a flower is fresh and succulent, or dry and harsh. 

The ideal cannabis flower will be sticky to the touch. Trichome resin glands give cannabis blossoms a sugared appearance, but buds should be sticky enough to leave behind an oily residue.

High-quality flowers will also feature a slight buoyancy, springing back into shape after a gentle squeeze. Flowers that crumble with touch are too dry and may produce a harsh consumer experience as a result


Created with DOJA.

Terpenes are the aromatic molecules that give different cannabis varieties their unique tastes and fragrances. Cannabis, however, isn’t the only plant that produces these aromatic gems. The flavorful compounds are also present in other herbs and spices, like black pepper, rosemary, and clove. 

Savor the flavor of cannabis flower by opting for low-heat consumption methods. Vaporization and low-temperature cooking preserve the aromatic integrity of cannabis. Play up these bold flavors with complementary spices and herbs. 

Watch, enjoy, and check out the other videos!

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Created by Doja
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January 10, 2020 — Last Updated February 25, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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Cannabis For You, Near You
Join the Herb community and get exclusive offers, early access to products, and good vibes.
Cannabis For You, Near You


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