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Bring Peace To Each Sesh With STORZ & BICKEL’s Limited Edition PEACE VOLCANO

STORZ & BICKEL is donating 100,000€ to various dispensaries, 100€ for each PEACE VOLCANO on the market.

The world needs more peace.

Within our special, tightly-knit cannabis community, we’re lucky enough to have products that promote peace on a daily basis. There’s no denying that cannabis users are some of the most peaceful people out there.

From the mid-1960s youth movement (hippie movement) that promoted peace to modern-day brands doing similar things, the journey to a peaceful world has been a long, ongoing one.

That said, doing your part to promote a more peaceful world doesn’t mean holding up a sign and quietly protesting. That process starts by choosing goods and products that not only reflect your lifestyle and beliefs but promote these beliefs on a larger scale.

We’d like to introduce you to a cutting-edge device that not only brings you the best in vaporizer technology but spreads peace and love with the flick of a switch. Meet STORZ & BICKEL’s VOLCANO CLASSIC PEACE Edition, a state-of-the-art vaporizer unlike any you’ve seen before.


When you’re thinking about dabbling in the world of cannabis vaporizers, STORZ & BICKEL is the way to go. Not only has the brand set the bar for cutting-edge vaporizers, but they seem to raise it with each new product.

The brand started with Storz, who developed the first-of-its-kind herbal vaporizer in 1996. It wasn’t until Bickel entered the picture in 2002 that the company launched into the successful powerhouse it is today.

STORZ & BICKEL has developed a reputation in our industry as one of the most innovative brands that constantly provide cannabis users with a new and exciting way to consume our favorite plant. Their vaporizers are easy to navigate for beginner users and high-end enough to wow even the toughest canna critics.

With Love For Peace

One of the latest inclusions in STORZ & BICKEL’s product catalog is the limited edition VOLCANO CLASSIC PEACE Edition.

This desktop vaporizer comes with everything you know and loves about the VOLCANO CLASSIC but with a unique approach that raises awareness for one of the most valuable basic human needs, peace.

There are only 1000 of these bad boys, and each device is unique in that it’s engraved with a number from 0001 to 1000, making it all the more authentic. Plus, the overall white cone design was meant to symbolize harmony and peace before, during, and after your sesh.

Each PEACE VOLCANO comes with an elegant and subtle engraving of the campaign motto, “with Love for Peace.” Even better, STORZ & BICKEL is donating a grand total of 100,000€ to various charities, 100€ for every PEACE VOLCANO on the market.

Campaign aside, this is the finest dry herb desktop vaporizer on the market. It’s well worth the money and provides superb taste, easy usability, and a legendary design that will make connoisseurs do a double take.

Finally, STORZ & BICKEL gives you a free “with Love for Peace” T-shirt in your custom size when you purchase its PEACE VOLCANO. Do yourself a favor and join the journey to peace with STORZ & BICKEL’s limited VOLCANO CLASSIC PEACE Edition.

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