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Culture | 12.27.2022

Browse Classy Organic Wooden Filter Tips At OrganitipS

Looking to infuse your sessions with class? Upgrade your rolls with ergonomically-designed organic wooden filter tips.

For many, cannabis consumption is an art form. Stoners take pride in their consumption routine, from grinding their favorite flower to carefully rolling it in their wrap of choice. 

Your rolling routines may seem complete, but we just found the cherry on top. In the modern cannabis industry, infusing your sessions with class and luxury isn’t challenging, thanks to the many innovative accessories and gadgets that raise your rituals to new heights. 

If you’re looking for a needed upgrade with your rolls, look to OrganitipS, the makers of the original wood rolling tips. The brand carries a handful of various sizes and shapes, helping you elevate your sessions, whether it’s joint, blunt, cigarello, or cigar.

Learn more about OrganitipS and their wooden joint filters below.

About OrganitipS

OrganitipS created the original wood rolling tips to be:

  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Inexpensive
  • Classy
  • Ergonomically-designed

The many wooden filter tips offered at OrganitipS were designed to fit comfortably between the lips and fingers. Some come in a rounded tubular shape, while others present creases and dips similar to the mouthpiece of a 510 vape cartridge. 

Minus some merch, a grinder, and a rolling tray, OrganitipS only offers their organic wooden rolling tips to help every roller’s dreams come to life. Explore the finest smoking accessories for your personal sessions or purchase these wooden tips wholesale for your pre-roll company. 

The Original Wood Rolling Tips

Photo Courtesy Of OrganitipS

Adding an extra bit of class and sophistication to your sessions has never been easier. Although stylish, these wooden rolling tips are equally as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. 

OrganitipS has what you need to make your pre-roll game stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for flavored tips or natural tips, expect enhanced airflow, increased heat dissipation, and maximum comfort. 

I personally have my eye on The Original Size 22 Gauge Wood Tip, the brand’s bestseller. This 10-pack is only $7.99 and contains wooden filter tips that snuggle perfectly into any rolling paper, blunt wrap, cigarello, or cigar. The ergonomic shape lets you take each hit with comfort and class, showcasing what it truly means to be a cannabis connoisseur. 

OrganitipS has loads more options to choose from. Browse flavored options and different sizes for your perfect fit. 

For more products and information about OrganitipS, visit their website at

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