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Learn | 11.22.2022

These Are The Best Weed Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Stoners

From grinders to decarboxylators, these are the best weed gadgets in the world.

Today’s weed gadgets and gizmos are revolutionizing smoke sessions for the better. Long gone are the days of “working hard” to get high or self-medicate.

There are way too many cool and innovative tools out there to stay stuck in the stone(r)-ages.

They are designed to make your life as a cannabis consumer simple, or at least more fun. Even if you have a Ph.D. in weed and can do it all with your eyes closed, it’s always nice to spice up your experience with something new and be able to slack off a little at the same time.

The Best Weed Gadgets On The Market

If there’s one thing Herb is a fan of, it’s products that change the game. We love products that not only work like a charm but are inventive and present a fresh and smart way of doing things.  Whether you lack a steady hand or the patience for rolling joints or keep getting your nature sesh interrupted by the wind, there’s an enormous variety of products to fix the everyday dilemmas of weed lovers.

We experimented with a few of the most popular contraptions in the industry and picked out our faves.

Here are the best weed gadgets for blazing, baking, and beyond.


Photo courtesy of PAX

Preserving the award-winning taste of victory and our quality cannabis picks, PAX allows its top-tier product line to elevate all of your cannabis experiences in a fun and safe manner. Take the latest release of the PAX 3. If you’re familiar with the PAX 2, this is everything you love about the product in an evolved fashion!

The dual-use leaves versatility on the table as you smoke away on your crystally buds or waxy/solid concentrates. Their “heat, never burn” patented temperature has us savoring the full flavor profiles of each strain we indulge in while giving users the option to pick from four temperature modes with the click of a button.
This upgrade of the year offers both a full and basic kit to suit the needs of bud connoisseurs everywhere. There’s no need to pass with a vape this good, and a 2.5-hour lasting battery means more fun throughout your busy life.
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Hitoki Trident

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

The Hitoki Trident is a smoking device created with the smoker in mind. The Trident offers an innovative, new way to smoke your herbs while providing the luxury experience of a top-of-the-line vaporizer.

The sleek and intuitive design of the Trident, combined with its cutting-edge technology and comfortable materials make it a superior product in both form and function.

This unit uses a patent-pending laser combustion process that provides a healthy alternative to the chemical-riddled, butane-filled lighters that could alter your product’s quality, flavor, and scent.

The Trident is a lighter that uses a laser combustion process to burn its flame. Unlike chemical-filled lighters, which alter the flavor of your product, the Trident burns without introducing any odor.

Hitoki created a device that looks beautiful on your counter or on your shelf, yet it still allows you to be aware of what you’re smoking.

The Perfect Gadget For Bong Lovers

Photo courtesy of SnowTree

Cleaning glass comes at a price. How many cleaners, how much salt, and how much lemon juice? Nobody knows. 

Most of us sit for hours boiling our bong or microwaving our rig filled with water. No matter how much rock salt, glass cleaner, or even paper towels we stuff in and twist around, perfectly clean glass eludes us.

BoroBuddy is your answer. What cleans a bong better than a physical brush? Nothing. But how do we get a brush into our glass?

A magnetic brush controlled from the outside of the glass sounds too expensive and complicated to exist, but SnowTree has gifted us bong users with this easy-to-use and affordable device. SnowTree’s BoroBuddy brings your fantasies of clear, resin-free glass to life. 

Simply drop one of the BoroBuddy Magnetic Cleaners inside your glass and hold your BoroBuddy Handle up to the glass near the magnet. Once they’re magnetically attached, move the handle around the buildup and scrub away.

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Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

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This isn’t just for tech-savvy smokers, although there is a considerable amount of tech in this device. This one goes out to the lovers of craftsmanship and engineering.

Storz & Bickel have been setting the bar with the Volcano vaporizer for 20 years now, and the Hybrid is their latest attempt at raising it even higher.

Its state-of-the-art dual inhalation system, which can divert airflow through a valve balloon or tube, allows for unmatched smoothness and consistent performance, avoiding clogging and the build-up of residue nearly completely.

Get it heated up and ready to go in a segment leading 1-2 minutes, modulate its temperature and airflow through its large digital display or the compatible app, and vape away to new highs.

Developed and manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany, where the vanguard of medical technology operates, this device feels like the optimal solution to the issue of vaping.

AirVape Legacy PRO

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True tech-savvy stoners want fantastic smoke and a sexy design. That’s precisely what the AirVape Legacy PRO is, thanks to its materials and micro-dosing disk. So if you still don’t know about this device, keep reading and then go to its website.

The AirVape Legacy PRO is a premium vaping dry herbs and wax device. It only has two buttons to increase and decrease the heat from 212 °F to 464°F, making it simple and reaching the ideal vaping temperature in only 15 seconds.

The vape has a ceramic mouthpiece, a removable glass AirPath, a gold-plated heating chamber, and a gold-plated micro-dosing disk. But, besides being luxurious, the AirVape Legacy PRO’s materials take the device’s performance and the smoke’s quality to another level of purity and taste.

KR1 by Hamilton Devices

Photo courtesy of Hamilton Devices

For all the cart lovers, we have a gadget that can elevate your cart and concentrate experiences, one toke at a time. We are talking about the KR1 by the folks at Hamilton Devices. This innovative 2-in-1 vaping device and concentrate bubbler packs a powerful punch with its small size.

Hamilton Devices have continuously created high-performance products. The KR1 rocks the house with all its power for its size. This dual-purpose electronic bubbler can change your cart experience by a ton, turning any 510-compatible cart into a bubbler session without hassle.

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Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

Photo courtesy of Stündenglass

Alright, you’re about to get familiarized with something completely different, a real game-changer if we’ve seen one. Do you dig gravity bongs? Well, this is somehow like those without the 2L plastic bottle and water tub. In fact, somehow, this is still nothing like a gravity bong.

Because the Stündenglass is far from shoddy or rickety, this is a premium borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum device that is a genius design.

By using a gyroscopic rotating glass, which concentrates kinetic energy to move the waters with close to zero effort on the smoker’s part, it delivers loaded, smooth hits consistently and in a way that’s somehow different from anything we’ve tried, simultaneously heavier and smoother than a regular bong.

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DynaVap: A Dynamic Experience

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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, portable vaporizer, look no further than DynaVap.

Their products are simple to use, require no batteries, and are perfect for on-the-go vaping. Here’s a quick guide on how to use a Dynavap vaporizer:

1. Start by removing the cap from the DynaVap vaporizer.

2. Next, load your material of choice into the chamber. (you can pack shatter, hash, dry herb in these bad boys) Be sure not to overpack it, as this can restrict airflow and decrease the quality of your vapor.

3. Once your material is loaded, replace the cap and screw it on tight.

4. Now it’s time to heat up the DynaVap. You can do this by using a lighter or torch, holding it just above the cap. Slowly rotate the DynaVap until you see the material inside start to turn brown.

5. Once the material is heated, start inhaling from the mouthpiece. You’ll know the DynaVap is ready to use when you hear a clicking sound.

6. Continue inhaling until you’ve reached your desired level of vaporization. Then, remove the DynaVap from the heat source and screw the cap back.

Get dynamic with your future seshes, visit DynaVap and try out the newest innovative vaporizers on the come up.

Honeybee Herb

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It’s not just about tech, it’s also about engineering. When high quality design meets the right materials, there’s where you know you could have a cool gadget in your hands. That’s exactly what we thought when trying out Honeybee Herb’s dab tools.

Honeybee Herb is your online head shop for dabbing equipment, everything you will need to enjoy that new sauce you got in the mail can be found here. Quartz bangers and dab nails, titanium dab nails, carb caps, water pipes, Enail dab rigs, all this stuff and, honestly, much more.

But it’s not the convenience we’re looking to highlight here, it’s the materials and design. All their pieces will fit your rig comfortably or will allow you to manipulate concentrates with more precision or might even help you organize your other tools. Everything here is just really useful and meant to last.

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