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Learn | 05.03.2022

This Machine Will Roll Your Joints In 20 Seconds

This machine from BEED is ready to roll.

We know the modern cannabis user is a curious and adventurous individual looking for the hottest products on the market. 

Maybe you’re looking to change things up and start using the many technologically-advanced devices made by stoners for stoners. 

BEED is a trailblazer in the realm of cannabis technology. The revolutionary company offers an array of machines and capsules to roll a joint for you in 20 seconds. 

While you might be a pro-roller yourself who can whip up a joint just as fast, there’s no denying that having a machine do the dirty work is pretty fascinating. 

BEED is proud to supply smokers with the freshest cannabis to create mess-free joints at the push of a button. 

BEED Machines

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Photo courtesy of beed.co

The Beed Machine is the industry’s first fully-automated device that rolls the freshest joints in 20 seconds.

The machine resembles a square-like desktop vaporizer and comes in colors black, blue, grey, pink, mint, and red.

The machine comes packaged with a sample supply of 8 BEED x RAW paper cones. BEED mentioned that it understands some users may prefer larger joints, but rolling a second shouldn’t be a hassle since it only takes 20 seconds.

BEED Capsules

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Photo courtesy of beed.co

Does the BEED Machine have weed in it? How does it roll joints?

To use the machine, you need to snag a Capsule from BEED, which contains 0.5 grams of fresh ground California cannabis flower.

These little capsules use nitrogen flush technology that preserves the flower’s terpenes, flavors, aromas, and potency for up to one year!

BEED is a firm advocate for environmental sustainability, so each Capsule and the packaged tube are entirely recyclable.

How Does It Work?

Using the BEED Machine along with the capsules is very straightforward. Simply power up the machine by clicking the power button. The tubular structure on top will gently move to the side, making room for you to drop an empty pre-roll inside.

Next, take the BEED Capsule of your choice and pop it on top. Click the power button once again and wait 20 seconds to receive a fresh, easy, and packed pre-roll.

Who doesn’t appreciate a modern and technological spin on traditional cannabis use? 

I know I do; from the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser to the Hitoki Trident, cannabis technology is quickly sweeping the industry. 

If you’re looking for something to modernize your weed routines and impress your best buds, try the BEED Machine and Capsules for the easiest roll of your life. 

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