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learn | 04.26.2022

Invincibowl Makes Smoking Weed On Adventures Worriless

Because the Ooze Bowser is impossible to break, everything is possible.


Whether hiking, backpacking or rafting, die-hard adventurers need a smoking device to match. Going camping this year? Have no fear. The Invincibowl will be your ideal travel companion, as tough as your desire for adventure.

Smoking accessories are evolving and reinventing themselves every day, many companies are creating accessories that make our lives easier in ways we probably didn’t even know we needed. But that we value very much because they make smoking more enjoyable and uncomplicated.

Introducing Invincibowl and its flagship product, the brand’s namesake: The Invincibowl, a piece made of materials so resistant that they will be with you for life, literally.

Cannabis + Outdoors = Best Combo Ever

If there is one time of year when cannabis is most beneficial, it is summer. Weed has a knack for inspiring focus on the present moment, allowing worries and deadlines to slip away somewhere hidden in the far corners of the mind.

The plant is also known to sharpen the senses, making colors seem a little brighter, smells a little stronger, tastes a little sweeter and music a little more interesting than usual. You don’t have to stay in that heightened sensory state on your favorite outdoor getaway to enjoy a truly exceptional natural adventure.

When it’s time to put down the books and turn off the laptop, there’s no quicker way to inspire relaxation than with a tasty bowl and some quality time enjoying the sunshine. However, it can be a hassle to transport your favorite breakables during a day of cycling and exploring the great outdoors. Successful smoking while outdoors requires the right equipment.

Vaporizers can be a hassle to take care of during a hike and joints can take a lot of time and effort to roll. Neither of these are great for enjoying some weed on the go.

Fortunately for all you adventurers, however, one company has designed the perfect solution: Invincibowl has the best bong bowls for you to use without the worry of breaking the glass. The unique design makes the product easy to clean, and most importantly, easy to take with you wherever you go.

The Best Unbreakable Pipe For All Of Your Summertime Adventures

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Photo courtesy of Invincibowl

Invincibowl is a company founded in 2019 that addresses problems that cannabis smokers experience on a daily basis. Most bongs are made of glass, which makes them fragile and easy to break.

On the other hand, most products, such as pipes, tend to waste weed, even a little bit no one wants that.

Invincibowl – the product – has an ideal design that allows you to take it anywhere without having to worry about it breaking or getting damaged. It is also fully functional and in any case optimizes your smokes by taking advantage of the herb as few accessories know how to do.

About The Invincibowl

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Photo courtesy of Invincibowl

The Invincibowl is the star product of the company Invincibowl, it has an indestructible bowl that promises to solve important problems when smoking with a bong. The materials with which it is manufactured are resistant and of high quality. By having all the engineering development behind it, it is possible to guarantee that the Invincibowl will not break.

It is so durable that the company even provides a lifetime warranty. You can rest assured that you can take your Invincibowl on any adventure you can think of.

The Invincibowl is made of high quality 6061-T6 aluminum. It won’t get hotter than glass, and the unique bowl design, as well as the stainless steel sleeve, make it burn completely and evenly, giving you powerful and flavorful smokes.

Its unique design and high quality materials make the air and heat distribution just right to evenly burn your flower for satisfying hits without wasting a single milligram.

Traveling High Is Now Easier

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Photo courtesy of Invincibowl

The Invincibowl is not only unbreakable, it is exceptionally easy to clean and use.

After all, just because you’re camping or on an adventure doesn’t mean you have to smoke a pipe that tastes bad. The Invincibowl has a modular way of assembly that allows for effortless cleaning in seconds.

First, remove the sleeve and the screen, discard the screen, clean everything else using only isopropyl alcohol and salt, install the new screen, and check the screw is tightened up. It’s that simple and takes only minutes.

Also, as for portability, you can pack Invincibowl in your backpack without having to wrap it in a towel or cloth to protect it; the sturdy materials from which it is constructed are protection enough.

This unbreakable piece comes with secure screen technology and a high-flow screen. The former acts as a convenient way to dispose of ash by inverting the device, and the latter was designed to prevent ash from drifting into the water of your bong, minimizing resin buildup while maximizing cleanliness.

The Invincibowl has a unique flat-bottom design that ensures each burn is uniform and results in as little residue and resin buildup as possible, which translates to clean smokes time after time.

This device features an insulated grip that provides the bowl with the necessary thermal protection, meaning that heat will not break it, nor will a careless drop that often happens.

Without a doubt it will be your best adventure companion, you will be able to take it with you wherever you go without problems and without stress. Its resistant materials ensure its durability and its high quality will give you smokes that you will enjoy one after another.

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