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Guides | 01.20.2023

A Guide To The Best Bong Bowls & Downstems In 2023

Meet the bowl to rule them all and the last you’ll ever need: the invincibowl, an extra accessory to elevate your glassware experience.

Despite what the ever-growing cannabis industry has to offer, not all bongs are created equal.

Besides the different materials you can find throughout the cannabis space like ceramic borosilicate glass, and even stainless metal, you’ll find some bowl pieces and downstems are more fragile than others.

In the end, bowl pieces and downstems might break if they are exposed to too much heat, poor maintenance, or even harsh chemicals used to clean your glassware.

For reasons like this, the hunt for a reliable and unbreakable bowl piece and downstem can seem impossible, but we’d like to assure you they’re out there and waiting to be used.

This guide will show you exactly what to look for in a bowl piece and downstem, the differences between them, and some products that’ll help end your hunt for good.

What To Look For In a Bong Bowl & Downstem

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Sometimes the standard bowl piece and downstem that come with your new bong doesn’t cut it. You want to ensure that your bowl piece and downstem are made using high-quality, heat-resistant materials like durable aluminum or borosilicate glass.

Sizing also plays a role in the consumer’s usability. Most bowl pieces are 14mm, which is often considered the universal size and fits into most bongs. 18mm are also common for bowl pieces and downstems, ensuring you’ll be able to make use of these accessories after long after you choose to get a new bong.

About Invincibowl

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Photo courtesy of Invincibowl

Before we deep dive into the iconic Invincibowl, let’s take a quick look at the brand first.

Born in 2019, CEO Jeff Houkal teamed up with his wife Gloria and best friend Matt to create an innovative and practical solution to inept bowls in glassware.

Through skilled and careful engineering, Jeff created an unbreakable bowl piece as well as an accompanying downstem to eliminate those frustrating times when these needed accessories shatter before your eyes.

Focusing on development and creating products that make your smoking experience more effortless, the company delivered innovative ways to keep your glassware safe for longer.

Instead of buying a new bowl piece and downstem that you know is bound to break at some point, head over to Invincibowl, the last stop on your hunt for unbreakable bong accessories.

Besides that, the company’s products have a lifetime guarantee for defects, no matter how long you’ve been using as long as they were damaged during conventional use.

Invincibowl Infinity

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Let us set the scene; you’re just about to hit your first toke of the day, but your eager hands fumble the bowl piece, and it’s in pieces before you know it. Even if it hasn’t happened to you, the imminent fear of damaging your baby might also haunt your smoking sessions.

Enter Invincibowl. To put it simply, the Invincibowl is an unbreakable bowl piece that will replace any 14mm glass or ceramic piece on your existing glassware.

The unique design of this product will keep your flower far from contacting the water in your downstem and base. One of the things we love the most is its aerospace aluminum body, making for the most durable bowl piece on the market…very impressive.

These bowl pieces don’t get nearly as hot as glass bowl pieces, and the overall cleaning process is effortless, thanks to its simple and sleek design. The bowl’s secure-screen technology is another needed bonus that lets the user easily invert the device and dump the ash.

The proprietary high-flow screen adds an additional filter to help the user experience the smoothest and cleanest hit possible.

Invincipole Infinity

While the unbreakable bong bowl might seem like a dream come true, Invincibowl didn’t stop there. The company also created the Invincipole, an unbreakable and durable downstem that’s bound to stand the test of time.

This aerospace aluminum downstem offers multi-hole diffusers for the smoothest rips, especially when paired with the Invincibowl Infinity. The Invincipole offers a pressure responsive design that lets you easily secure the downstem into the bong and release it with the click of a button, keeping you from tugging the downstem when wedged into the bong.

These downstems come with an 18/14 mm taper, and cleaning is another effortless process since they’re easy to disassemble to get in all the nooks and crannies. Because it’s so easy to clean, don’t be afraid to experiment by adding some distillates or resin to your smoking sesh, as all the gunk will be very easy to scrub off.

The Toker Poker

Sticking your finger into your bowl to scoop out resin or distillates is not the prettiest (or smartest) way to clean your bowl. And using other kinds of tools can scratch the surface of your glassware, so you might not want to use the old paperclip every single time.

This is why the Toker Poker is an excellent grab if you’re in need of a quick and easy cleaning tool. The Toker Poker is the perfect replacement for those paperclips, toothpicks, or scratching objects that are commonly used to prod your product.

The product itself is a sleek and ergonomic lighter case that comes with a stainless steel poker that won’t scratch your precious glass. The extendible prong also helps you poke and pack your flower into a bowl piece.

The built-in tamper can store up to five feet of hemp wick, and the product itself comes in colors like black, green, mint, grey, purple, and more.

So if you needed something to keep your hemp wick around with a super useful poke-and-prod gadget as well as a sleek and ergonomic case for your lighter, the Toker Poker is a neat addition to your stash.

Last Words

No matter what kind of bong or bubbler you have, finding ways to enjoy it a little longer is always appreciated.

An unbreakable bong bowl or downstem can help with this by providing better airflow, keeping each hit smoother than the last, and making the cleaning process much easier (and obviously, extending the life of your product).

The Invincibowl and Invincipole are great products for any bong user, especially if you tend to be clumsy and drop your products occasionally.

So forget about the imminent fear of breaking your favorite bowl piece and downstem, and go ahead, experiment with all the distillates and resins you please, because the Invincibowl and Invincipole are in it for the long haul.

If you want to know more about Invincibowl and the company’s many consumer-forward products, check them out here.

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