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Learn | 05.30.2022

Meet The Last Bong You’ll Ever Need

Broken bongs are a thing of the past. Created with Chill Steel Pipes.

The thing about smoking devices and accessories is that sometimes they break. I’ve bought some lesser quality bongs and bubblers that darken or break after a while, this might be a problem.

Well, fret no more. The folks at Chill Steel Pipes created a bong for users like me (and possibly you) who tend to break or blacken their bongs after hardcore use.

This means your iced water will stay chill for up to 12 hours. Think of it as the YETI cup of bongs, as each toke promises to stay smooth and clean.

Without further ado, let’s talk about this timeless design from Chill Steel Pipes.

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About Chill Steel Pipes

Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

The folks at Chill Steel Pipes are some of the biggest innovators in the market. They create beautifully designed smoking devices made from stainless steel and ceramic.

The creator, Rich Gonzalez, had a background in the houseware industry where he took the best parts about insulated water bottles into the creation of innovative bong and smoking accessories.

Chill Steel Pipes has dozens of customizable designs, so you will for sure find one that suits your taste.

They also have percolators, ash catchers, and many accessories to enjoy cannabis the way you want it.

The Chill Bong

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Let’s talk about the superstar here, The Chill Bong. With its classic stainless steel look, this bong will keep your water cold for hours.

Its double wall vacuum insulated technology will give you smooth and cool draws with each hit, so no more harsh smoke when trying to enjoy your favorite flower during the day. 

This bong also has a borosilicate glass bowl piece, so don’t worry about breaking after a couple of sessions as it is made to last.

The body is made from stainless steel, making it practically unbreakable compared to other pipes.

 You will never need to look for remedies to scrape all of the gunk out of your bong as well, as this bong cleans without other chemicals besides isopropyl alcohol to clean out ceramic and stainless steel.

This bong is great for beginners and veterans alike, as its functionality, design, and open-source can fit almost any way and accessory, so you can enjoy your flower however you like to.


Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

Unbreakable, durable, and will keep your water chilled for hours. This bong is like having a YETI cup for your smoking sesh. Its stainless steel is easily cleanable and won’t break if you tip it over a table.

It’s also great to have smaller hands around, as you won’t have scattered glass for some accident. 

That’s great for people who like spending time choosing their favorite flower to taste the terpene profile with each hit.

Lifetime Warranty

Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

When we said this could be the last bong you’ll ever need, we mean it. Chill Steel Pipes has a lifetime warranty that your bong will be good as the new.

They offer a manufacturer warranty in case of any defect or problem with quality, as they have to use food-quality grade steel that is both BPA and Lead-free.

They also offer a one-time replacement warranty in case something goes wrong with the cleaning of your bong. The Chill Bong only needs some isopropyl alcohol without salt or some vinegar with some baking soda to get cleaned.


Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

One of the best parts of this bong is its design. 

As mentioned before, it has a double wall vacuum insulated base that will keep everything at the right temperature every session.

It has an 8.5-inch stainless steel neckpiece, an unbreakable aluminum downstem, and a durable borosilicate glass bowl piece.

No matter if you want to place it in the bedroom, office, or kitchen, this bong will blend with the background.

The steel finish makes it look elegant, like a fancy cookware utensil you could find in a chef’s kitchen.

How To Use

Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

As with any bong, you’ll have to load the water chamber up to the indicated measure.

Then you just need to assemble the pipe, add your favorite flower in the borosilicate glass bowl, and you are up for some hits.

If you are looking for inspiration for which flower to get with your bong, here’s a list of our favorite Delta 8 flower right now.

Last Words

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The Chill Bong is an incredible option and probably the last bong you’ll ever need.

Besides its sleek, timeless design, it is got awesome functionality and will keep your water chilled for hours.

It is super easy to clean and assemble, basically unbreakable, and its insulated technology makes it cold to the touch when handling. 

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