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How To Clean A Bowl: The 5 Best Ways To Clean Your Bowl Like A Pro

It’s always good form to keep your bowl in tip-top shape, and that requires some maintenance. There are a number of different ways that you can clean your bowl, so which are the best devices to effectively clean?

We understand that some stoners out there like to keep their bowls in tip-top shape, and that requires some maintenance. There are a number of different ways that you can clean your bowl, so which are the best devices to effectively clean?

The trick is something hard and sharp to be able to scrape off all the caked material that is stuck on the inside of your bowl. Depending on what kind of pipe you’re using, you might want to even leave on some of the char that has accumulated. This is true of wooden pipes, but if it is glass, metal, or ceramic, you can scrape away. Just be sure not to break the glass!

If you are one of those who want a clean bowl every time, be sure to check out the Genius Pipe. With only boiling water or rubbing alcohol, you can make this premium device look as good as new in minutes.

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Home Items You Can Use To Clean Your Bowl

Home items you can use to clean your bowl

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The good news is that if you’re unorganized or spent all of your money on weed, then there are some household items you can find lying around that work just fine.

A lot of smokers use their lighters (or even a match) to scrape off the caked material in their bongs. For the ladies out there, a bobby pin is also a very effective way to clean your bowl, and there’s probably a whole bunch in your handbag. Paper clips, a lock pick, a key or a pocket knife work extremely well, also!

For The Fancier Stoner

items to clean bowl

If you consider yourself somewhat of a marijuana connoisseur, then perhaps you like to collect all of the professional tools that come with smoking paraphernalia. Well, pokey things are actually available for sale.

There is also such a thing as a pipe cleaner, which can be purchased from just about any head shop. These devices are made specifically for cleaning pipes, so you can be sure they won’t scratch or damage your pipe. For the fancier stoners out there, these are good ways to keep your bowl clean!

Check out the Poke A Bowl Dome– a device that doubles as an ashtray and a bowl cleaner. Just use its metal tip to scrape off any resin in your bowl while it’s hot to make sure it doesn’t stick. Everything will fall into its ashtray so don’t worry about making a mess or burning your coffee table. It also has a lid so your weed stench will be under control.

You can also opt for a proper glassware cleaner that can make your cleaning process faster and less of a hassle. Higher Standards cleaning products are just what you need for sparkling clean bowls.

Salt Rox are coarse granules of salt that remove even the harshest resin clogs and leave your piece shiny and clean. AND, if you combine it with their 99% ISO Pure alcohol, there’s not a single resin clog that will survive.

To Poke Or Not To Poke?

how to clean bowl

Some people don’t like to scrape out the caked-on marijuana resin that gets stuck to their pipes, so they don’t need pokey things at all. For those of you that prefer not to poke, there are also ways for you to keep your bowl clean.

For example, you can wash and rinse it with ISO alcohol, Epsom salt, sea salt, or water. Using alcohol in your pipe helps to dissolve the gunk that is stuck in your bowl, while the salts cause abrasion and agitation.

In fact, this is probably the most effective way to keep your bowl clean. For the best clean, you should really poke and scrape and then rinse with alcohol, and it will make your bowl look brand new.

Wooden Pipes

how to clean Wooden pipes

Remember that if you are using a wooden pipe, not to use alcohols as it is absorbed by the wood and inhaling toxic alcoholic fumes is definitely unpleasant! Also avoid removing all of the char that is left in the bowl because you threaten burning the wood away over time. The char keeps a protective layer in the bowl to prevent this from happening.

Also, be as careful as you can scratch the wood while cleaning it, as this also wears the pipe away over time!

Great Technique For Glass Bowls

If you have any great bowl cleaning tips to share, let us know on social media!

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