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The 20 Best Delta 8 THC Flower To Buy In 2022

When consuming cannabis, you don't just need to have the best pipes and accessories. The choice of herbs is of the utmost importance, and that is why we have taken the trouble to show you the best Delta 8 THC Flowers.

Delta 8 THC, also referred to as Delta-8, is “almost” THC. Technically, what we know as “THC” is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a cousin of today’s star: delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol. We will talk more about the difference between them later.

Delta-8 is a cannabis compound found in small amounts in cannabis and hemp plants. Though not an easy compound to extract directly from the plant (in fact, it needs more processing than extracting CBD), it is more and more demanded due to its remarkable similarity to what we commonly know as THC, with the big difference of being legal in many states across the US – 38 to be precise.

Delta 8 THC is commercialized through Delta 8 THC flower. There is no such thing as an actual Delta 8 flower, though, but what they are is a regular hemp flower, infused with Delta 8 THC concentrate, creating an “altered” flower that you can consume legally in some places.

What To Look For In Delta 8 THC Flower

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Since not many studies have yet been made on Delta 8, finding the most reliable sources for buying Delta 8 THC flower is essential. All trustworthy producers have a website or a source of information, including the origin and processing of the hemp plant.

I highly suggest reading through this data to make sure you are purchasing high-quality material. If you know of a provider who does not even have a place to go to and read about their product, I would say stay away.

Once you have the necessary information at hand, make sure you get the specifics on the following two details:

  • THC Content: Delta 8 flower will have traces of Delta 9 THC, and that’s ok as long as you are aware of how much and what its effect can be on you. Ideally, the provider will include laboratory results or a Certificate of Analysis to tell you exactly what their products contain. Check them out and make sure everything is safe for you.
  • Manufacturing Process: As previously mentioned, to get a clean dose of Delta 8 THC, you need a very long and scrupulous process, and all manufacturers should be transparent about this, informing consumers about every step of the job. The methods used can vary, but they should always follow high standards and perform high quality to ensure you are getting a pure and clean product.

I also like to check if the manufacturers offer various strains since it is nice to taste different herbs from one provider once you know it’s the one you are comfortable purchasing from.

This said the next section would walk you through some of the highest-ranked Delta 8 THC flower brands out there.

The Best Delta 8 Flower Brands

Botany Farms

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This brand is unique for its craftsmanship and has an exciting way of infusing the hemp flowers to get the Delta 8 THC on them. Instead of spraying the distillate on the flower in liquid form, they freeze the Delta 8 concentrate and then crush it once it’s solid, turning the distillate into a powder that infuses the flower more evenly and avoids harshness sticky textures on the bud.

Their Bubba Kush Delta 8 flower is a truly potent indica that comes in at 26% total cannabinoids combining Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, CBD, CBG in addition to terpenes and flavonoids. This flavorful and powerful flower is a great option if you are looking for something pleasant and smooth to consume at any time of the day.

Botany Farms also has a sativa Pineapple Haze D8 flower if you’re looking for something more euphoric.


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The youthful folks at BudPop have come through with yet another solid Delta 8 offering, two in fact, with their infused flower lineup. The first of them is a Northern Lights varietal with many relaxing properties owing to its Indica heritage. Its flavor profile is rich in earthy notes resembling coffee and cedarwood, but it packs a citrusy punch in its aftertaste.

The second is a knockout; their Cookies strain D8 flower is as close as these things get to the apex of chill. It’s a couch crasher absent of haze and drowsiness. Lighting this one up releases a nutty aroma; feel the dry sweetness of it as you puff down without a care in the world.

Delta Extrax

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I highly recommend checking out Delta Extrax’s website to understand what I mean by thoroughly communicating all the necessary information to choose your flower well. They are not only certified in different, critical fields, but they also include information about their lab tests and have a very cute “Learning Center” devoted to giving you the information you need about Delta 8 per se.

They also sell Bubba OG Kush, but the Sour Diesel Delta 8 THC Flower is the house specialty, a bit intense when you smell it for the first time. Still, you start loving it immediately after you try it, especially if you need concentration and creativity in your mind with one same joint.

Here’s our full brand review for more!

Exhale Wellnes

With a wide array of 10 D8 strains to choose from, Exhale once again proves its dedication to the craft. All their hemp is grown free of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, and the beauty of their bud proves it.

They also have an option to buy as much as a pound of flower in a single purchase which makes them a choice if you have got to stock up.

Some classics are available, like OG Kush and Sour Diesel, and some newer hits like Skywalker OG and Sour Space Candy. Their Lifter strain is a highlight, as this one benefits from the lucidity provided by D8 THC by preserving the uplifting, almost euphoric effect and removing any fear of paranoia or anxiety.

Vida Optima CBD

With six strains to choose from and the option of getting it pre-rolled, Vida Optima’s Delta 8 lineup is rich in variety and texture. As a company, they strive for transparency, offering full lab results and strict controls to guarantee the health and cleanliness of their hemp produce.

Here’s what they have in store: two varieties of indica (Royal Purple Kush and Bubba Kush), an indica dominant (Gorilla Glue), and a sativa dominant hybrid (Pineapple Express), and two varieties of sativa (Pineapple Haze and Sour Diesel).

They are faithful renditions of their D9 THC counterparts with a milder, clearer high that lets you keep it mellow.

Bearly Legal Moonrocks

From brand name to product presentation, Bearly Legal is my personal favorite when it comes to marketing sexiness. The Bearly Legal Delta 8 THC Moonrock description is also super transparent and to the point, something I value a lot since I hate scrolling down for ages until I find what I’m looking for.

Presented in a glass jar topped with a Bamboo Lid, you will get 3.5 grams of certified nuggets of relaxation and pleasure. Go easy on the dose you smoke the first time so that you can understand their potency and its effect on your body.

Blue Moon Hemp

Grown in Kentucky, Blue Moon Hemp’s Delta 8 flower is a hand-trimmed beauty. Their D8 strains have all been genetically dispossessed of their Delta 9 THC content, leaving all other sweet natural terpenes and cannabinoids intact. They are just getting into the Delta 8 flower game, but already their experience as growers shows.

They have three strains available: Sour Space Candy, Bubba Kush, and Cowdaddy Crush. The Sour Space Candy is a neat daytime pleaser, offering an uplifting boost to creativity with low drowsiness, while their Bubba Kush is almost the complete opposite: a cozy bastard of a strain perfect as a nightcap.

Finally, their most exotic offering is their Cowdaddy Crush, which goes relatively strong on the CBG, leading to increased appetite and sweet dreams.


Finally, a brand that has a wide variety of strains, exactly 11 to pick from! ATLRx is ideal for those of us who like to stick with one provider. They also use frozen powder to infuse their hemp flowers and offer different CBD ratios to Delta 8 in each of their strains.

OG Kush is the composition I tend toward, containing 10.05% Delta 8 and 14.78% CBD, but I suggest going through the entire list to find exactly what you’re into and even try mixing them up.


These folks are CBD experts and are now trying their hand in the world of D8 with their High Hopes line of products. There are four terpene strains to choose from here, all packaged nicely and featuring some of the most appealing labels and branding we’ve seen so far. They grow their plants in Oregon, and you can get it in batches of 3.5 or 7 grams.

Go for their OG Kush if you wish to experience D8 in all its glory; with an earthy flavor and notes of fuel and spice, this is an excellent strain with which to end the day. Grandaddy Purple is also on the menu and is a great muscle relaxer and couch crasher.

Cookies and Crunch Berry round up the bunch, both offering more in the way of euphoria than the former two but still great for chilling due to the clarity of the D8 THC.

Plain Jane

Primarily focused on CBD, the Plain Jane Delta 8 Legendary Hemp Flower produces a soothing effect, ideal for relieving pain and helping out with sleep. I am not a huge fan of their website, it is hard to find information on THC or CBD composition, and the lab results are hard to read since they are presented as a screenshot of the actual tests.


This is the most straightforward lineup of Delta 8 flowers you will see on our list but worry not because Indicaloud puts the same effort into their D8 flower as they do in their other products. Their single offering is a Delta 8 infused White CBG flower adorned with botanically derived terpenes straight from the Sour Diesel Sativa strain.

Go ahead and roll this flower up in a joint, savor its herbal taste, reminiscent of tea, and the skunky sweet aftertaste. The effects will have you swimming in sweet endorphins; they are clear and offer some focus to accompany your creative endeavors.


This Denver-based company has been expanding its lineup of products. Their latest offering is a D8 pre-roll that’s rich with flavor and buzz. The burn on these lasts from 10-15 minutes, and the taste resembles that of OG Kush with an added hint of citrus.

This is a heady one that leaves space for focus amongst the euphoric high. Their website lets you buy as many as 1000 of these in one go, so if you’ve got a small town in simultaneous need of a simmering Delta 8 high, you know where to go.

Urb Finest Flowers

These growers out of North Carolina claim to incorporate nanotechnology in their formulas, allowing for quicker absorption of cannabinoids. Urb’s D8 flower offerings include three strains: Tangie, Pink Cookies, and Watermelon Zkittlez, and come packaged in some nifty little 5 g domes.

Pink Cookies stands out due to its unique terpene profile, with tangy notes followed by an earthy and peppery mouthfeel. Tangie is a sweet and fruity strain that results in a satisfying creative release and serves beautifully for daytime use.

Finally, their Watermelon Zkittlez is the laziest of the bunch, a drag of this one, and you’ll be set for dreamy comfort.

Bay Smokes

Cool as they come, the Bay Smokes Delta 8 flower lineup exudes confidence and refined taste. There are some light-deprived strains available; check out their Bubba Smalls and Biscotti; both are beauties for sure, but also pack a satisfying punch, both stimulating and relaxing.

Their Pineapple OG could be considered an entry-level strain due to the predictability of its effects, but Bay Smokes’ offering is one of the best interpretations we’ve seen in D8 form, a savory and inspiring experience.

If you’re looking for something else, check out their keifed up nugs, they provide similar euphoric highs with some rich CBD content to ensure a cozy comedown.

Diamond CBD

If you’re one of those, who prefer to leave the rolling for someone else, the Diamond CBD Chill Plus Delta-8 THC Premium Pre-Roll is precisely what you need. Including the Lifter Pre-Roll option, Diamond CBD has nailed the pre-rolled business when it comes to Delta-8.

The Bubba Kush Indica strain is my go-to roll for the evenings. I need to pull it out of the cute little jar and take the puff from the 75 mg of Delta-8 to get a great night’s sleep. The website includes the lab sheet and a thorough description of its products, including some common questions and customer reviews.

Industrial Hemp Farms

With a 1:1 ratio of CBD to Delta-8, this Fortified Special Sauce CBD/Delta 8 Hemp Flower is your go-to flower for relaxing and chilling after a physically or mentally exhausting day. It has excellent reviews and precise information.

CBD Farmhouse

Here’s another set of D8 powerhouses from Texas-based CBD Farmhouse. There’s plenty to like in the five strains on offer here; all of them provide a satisfying endocannabinoid response with clarity and freshness. Their Headband strain, a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel, is a delightful one-two punch of two of the most legendary strains out there.

It’s a smooth and predictable experience. For those looking for mellow euphoria in their D8, the Chem Dog will indeed deliver. If not, then try their Northern Lights for a chill uptake.

The other two offerings on their site – Cheesecake and Cookie – respond appropriately to their namesake, being the sweeter of the bunch and leading to peaceful relaxation every time.

Delta 8 THC vs. Delta 9 THC

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Similar from a chemical perspective, since they both have a double bond in their structures, Delta-8 and delta-9 (regular THC) bind to our endocannabinoid system, giving us the feeling of being high due to the intoxicating effects of said double bond.

What makes them chemically different is that Delta-9 THC has the double bond on the ninth carbon atom of its chain, while Delta-8 THC has it on the eighth one (hence their names).

This is thought to be the reason why Delta-8 THC is less potent – that is, it doesn’t give you such a high – than Delta-9 THC. It will get you high, though, but not as much. This can be positive for those who want a smoother ride, but mainly for those who want to consume weed legally.

Delta 8 THC Effects

Most of the effects that Delta-8 THC produces are the same as regular THC. Happiness, relief, sleepiness, you name it. Again, all the same, but less potent than your average Delta-9.

Side effects are also comparable to regular THC, like bloodshot eyes, paranoia, dryness in your mouth, etc. At the time of this article, Delta-8 has not been studied enough, but so far, it seems to be about the same as regular THC.

Should You Buy Delta 8 THC Flower Online?

I cannot insist enough on checking on the background of the companies when you’re buying any weed product online. Being a unique product, it is essential that you don’t get sold anything and that all the rights tests and certifications are there.

The brands shown here are all well known in the cannabis space, and you can safely buy from them. The internet is a tricky place, even more, when it comes to cannabis. So avoid shady websites or brands and go with any of the above-mentioned.

On a final note, the legal status of Delta 8 products is currently changing a lot. Despite it being legal almost all over the country, we suggest you check your local policies before purchasing any D8 product online.

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