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The Invincibowl Is Truly Unbreakable

The Invincibowl is the solution to every stoner’s breakage dilemma, at a price.

Smoking accessories are constantly evolving, and many companies are creating solutions to problems that people had but often didn’t even notice. These accessories serve the single purpose of making the smoking experience far more enjoyable and hassle-free.

We’re talking about Invincibowl and its flagship product in the brand’s namesake: The Invincibowl, a lifetime piece that you will never have to replace.

Every bong owner knows how fragile regular glass bowl pieces are. Bongs, pipes, and glass accessories tend to break, even from the most gentile tap.

Many bowls on the market are made without proper attention to needed airflow, which translates to poor distribution of heat to the flower—resulting in a waste of weed and an unnecessary burning sensation that you can easily avoid.

About Invincibowl

Photo courtesy of Invincibowl

Invincibowl is a company founded in 2019 by Jeff Houkal, his wife Gloria, and his best friend, Matt. The close-knit group developed products that approach some of the most significant inconveniences that cannabis smokers encounter daily.

Most bongs are made of glass, making them fragile and easy to break. Most products, such as pipes, are not built correctly, resulting in a waste of weed, something that every smoker worldwide will not tolerate.

Invincibowl is ready to help with your daily smoking obstacles and give you the best experience with innovative and leading products.

About The Invincibowl

The Invincibowl is the company’s star product, an invincible bowl piece that promises to solve significant issues when smoking from a bong. Made from tough and top-quality materials and with extensive engineering support, we can guarantee the Invincibowl will not break.

This aluminum bowl is the perfect addition to your existing rig, and it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee offered by the company.

Aside from being indestructible, the Invincibowl was built and designed to offer the proper air and heat distribution to evenly burn your flower for satisfying hits without wasting a single flake.

Finally, the product’s structure paired with even burning results in the least waste accumulation possible, keeping your water much cleaner and less ashy than glass bongs with glass accessories.

Design and Features

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The Invincibowl is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, which is impressively used in the aerospace industry.

This shatterproof piece comes with secure-screen technology and a high-flow screen. The former acts as a handy way to discard the ash by inverting the device, and the latter was designed to keep the ash from moving into your bong water, minimizing resin buildup while maximizing cleanliness.

The Invincibowl carries a unique flat bottom design that ensures each burn is even and results in the least waste and resin buildup possible. Furthermore, the insulated grip guard gives the bowl piece needed thermal protection, meaning the heat won’t break it, and neither will a careless drop on the ground.

Additionally, in terms of portability, feel free to toss the Invincibowl in your bag without wrapping it in a towel or cloth for protection; the robust materials already covered that.

It comes in a wide variety of colors to fit your setup and personality, and best of all, it’s easy to clean.

How To Use The Invincibowl

Photo courtesy of Invincibowl

Using the Invincibowl is just as straightforward as any bowl piece on the market. First, take your stainless-steel screen and place it on top of the air hole. Lock it in by placing the additional circular piece on top of the screen and twisting the exterior knob to secure it.

Now that you’re ready, it’s as easy as taking your favorite herb, grinding it, and packing it inside the wide-load mouth that can retain up to 1g of product. Next, put the bowl in your favorite bong and downstem, and make sure all your devices are clean and ready to go.

When using this product, you’ll quickly notice how smooth your hits are compared to your old reliable glass bowl pieces. The even heat distribution and proper airflow are key to achieving such a refreshing and cloudy hit that’s gentle on the throat.

You won’t have to worry about wasting unburned herb inside the bowl, as that’s another essential result of appropriate airflow and consistent burning. Finally, the stainless-steel screen lets you avoid unwanted ash from escaping into your bong water, making for a clean and tidy rip like no other.

How To Clean The Invincibowl

Because it’s so easy to use, it’s equally easy to clean. The Invincibowl has a modular way of assembly that makes for effortless cleaning in seconds.

First, remove the sleeve and the screen, discard the screen, clean everything else using only isopropyl alcohol and salt, install the new screen, and check the screw is tightened up.

The Invincibowl fits every 14mm female joint, so you can still use your favorite bong with an indestructible bowl. You can drop it from about 10 feet, and nothing will happen. We recommend pairing it with the Invincipole for the ultimate smoking experience.

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