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New 710 Labs X Spacebrat Collaboration Drops First Ever Mini Pasta-Filter Pre-Rolled Joints

The hand-rolled "Noodle Doinks" are meant to maintain the integrity of home-rolled DIY joints.

Have you ever rolled a joint with a pasta filter? Who even thought that a twisty, fusilli pasta noodle would work perfectly as a joint filter?

Now, it looks like some cannabis companies are hopping on the pasta filter bandwagon. Not just any brand, but California’s 710 Labs and its recent collaboration with aerosol artist Spacebrat.

The company has been using noodle filters in its standard-sized joints for the past two years. This time around, the new collaboration will launch a pre-roll pack with mini joints and a limited edition capsule clothing collection. But, you guessed it, the filters inside the mini pre-rolls are nothing more than raw, hard fusilli noodles.

710 Labs x Spacebrat Collaboration

This will be the first time the brand will launch mini pre-rolls with this easy DIY filter.

The joints are allegedly called Noodle Doinks; hand-rolled using the finest flower from 710 Labs. The company’s Chief Innovation Officer, Ian Skelly, says staying true to the brand’s ethos always comes first, which is “making products we are excited to smoke ourselves.”

The pre-roll packs come with 5 mini joints packed inside a Spacebrat-designed collectible case. Reusable and collectible joint holders, doob tubes, or whatever you want to call them are becoming increasingly popular.

Frequent joint smokers are always looking for a handy, portable, and aesthetically pleasing package for their precious pre-rolls. In fact, sales for pre-rolled joints have increased 38.9% since 2020, making them the fastest-growing product in the cannabis industry since the pandemic.


Home-Rolled Integrity

Interestingly, Skelly said that 710’s new joints were created to give consumers a wholesome hand and home-rolled joint experience.

He says the new pre-rolls are about maintaining the integrity of a home-rolled joint. “We recognize that not everyone who enjoys cannabis can roll a perfect joint.”

Realizing this, 710 wanted to ensure that these pre-rolls were of the highest quality, promising only to use “top colas, no shake, trim, or bad buds ever,” said Skelly.

710 Labs hopes the new mini pre-rolls will be the perfect product for individuals looking for a high-quality, hand-rolled cannabis experience “without machines to anyone who may not have the time or skill to roll them on their own.”

As of August 20, 2022, the 710 Labs x Spacebrat collaboration launched its mini  pre-rolls in select dispensaries. Tomorrow, August 24, the entire collaboration will be available.

For more information about 710 Labs, visit its website at

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