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Learn | 04.28.2022

Hitoki Trident: Clean Smoke, Clean Taste

The cleanest sesh of your life awaits, and it comes in the form of the world's first laser bong.

Any seasoned cannabis user will tell you not to use lighters. For one thing, there are harmful contaminants and chemicals in butane that transfer over to your joint or dried flower. Secondly, those chemicals give each draw an unwanted butane-like taste, masking your favorite strain’s pure flavor and aroma.

For the clean consumer who’s constantly looking for new ways to remain in the healthiest condition while making use of the complex cannabis plant, we suggest investing in a long-haul and innovative device like the Hitoki Trident.

How Is The Hitoki Trident "Clean"?

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Go ahead, toss all of your lighters and maybe even your hemp wick too. When experiencing the clean and health-forward Hitoki Trident, there’s no need for butane, wicks, or even matches.

This modern and futuristic device is powered by clean laser combustion, vaporizing your dried flower with the click of a button. In fact, this laser device lasts for over 280 uses on one single charge, giving you clean, instant combustion in seconds.

The unique laser works similarly to holding a magnifying glass under the sun, combusting dry herbs without a third-party spark.

Another great thing about the Hitoki Trident is that any novice or experienced user can easily navigate their way around this sleek and minimalist laser bong. We must warn, be prepared for it to start a few conversations when guests arrive.

Hitoki Trident Vs. Glass Bong

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Most bong users know the deal, setting up for a sesh with the most flavorful strain on the market, only to have it ruined by the gag-worthy taste of butane.

Hitoki takes pride in creating a device that allows consumers to experience the intended flavor and aroma of the top strains known to man, ensuring a quality experience each time around.

Another significant and sanitary feature of this device is how easy it is to clean. The Trident only takes a fraction of the water your glass bong requires, meaning there’s much less room for resin buildup.

Additionally, by detaching the Trident’s water reservoir, you can easily access the points that need cleaning instead of shaking your alcohol mixture around a glass bong like a madman.

How Does The Hitoki Trident Work?

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Laser combustion might sound like a tricky, high-tech endeavor, considering all you’re looking for is a clean and easy way to smoke your favorite strain. We can ensure that it’s far easier than it seems; here’s what you need to know.

Start by unlocking the interlocks, twisting them off into two separate pieces. Locate the water reservoir and twist off the lid to pour your water inside without going past the line. Screw the lid back on, then find the removable ceramic loading chamber located inside the water reservoir’s cover.

Easily pack the loading chamber with your dried flower, and use the dual tool to make the surface as flat and neat as possible without packing too tight. Insert it back into its initial position, and place your Trident back together with a twisting motion until you hear a click. If the device is not locked, the laser will not activate.

Take your hose adapter and twist it onto the water reservoir, then slide the hose overtop. To run the Trident, click the power button five times, then cycle through power levels by clicking the power button three times.

Activating the laser is another personalized experience, which lets you hold the power button for your desired amount of drawing time or double-tap it for a continuous 9-second long laser ignition.

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