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Culture | 03.07.2023

Cali Stripe Concentrates Specializes In Wickedly Potent, Premium Quality Concentrates

This California-based concentrates brand comprises a small yet dedicated team of extraction artisans.

Far too many brands produce lackluster concentrates. And they’re usually big-name brands that are more focused on profit than your experience with their product. 

That’s why we always encourage you to not only buy local but from small teams. That way, you know they’re passionate about the craft and wouldn’t sell anything they wouldn’t use themselves. We’re talking about brands like Cali Stripe California, which produces and distributes its quality concentrates from beautiful Monterey, California.

When you’re looking for unmatched extracts, from live rosin to live resin diamond sauce, look to Cali Stripe. See below for more information about the brand and our recommended products for potent sessions.

About Cali Stripe Concentrates

When you’re looking for concentrates that exceed your standards of quality, look to Cali Stripe Concentrates. This brand maintains close relationships with the best cannabis cultivators in California to source their cannabis for extraction.

Produced and distributed in Monterey, California, Cali Stripe comprises a small yet passionate team of multitalented cannabis professionals who care just as much about the product as they do about your experience. Cali Stripe procures the best and most unique fresh frozen cannabis to produce wickedly potent concentrates from strain to strain.

Our Recommendations

Photo By Cali Stripe Concentrates

The brand’s extraction team comprises two talented extraction artisans who create Cali Stripe’s live resin and live rosin in-house. They deeply care about their craft while remaining confident that you’ll receive the highest quality concentrate on the California market. 

Speaking of potent concentrates, we’ve included five of our favorite options from Cali Stripe Concentrates below. Read on for some dope product recommendations featuring the purest and most flavorful Californian cannabis concentrates.

Gary Payton Live Resin: Emiting aromas and flavors of sweet almond and aromatic skunk. 

Astronaut Ice Cream Live Rosin: Minty, almondy and milky flavors with a dash of cocoa. 

Sunset Mac Live Resin Diamond Sauce: Dip into the ooey-gooey madness of this live resin, reminiscent of sweet, funky, citrus-smelling mangoes with hints of redwood.

Honey Wine Live Resin: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this powerful live resin. Expect tart caramel with cool mint and underlying notes of tropical sweetness.

Kush Mints Live Rosin: Cali Stripe defines this live rosin as “mint almond cocoa butter over a slice of seaside sourdough.” Impeccable.

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