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Culture | 02.14.2023

Experience Premium Relaxation At Delta Remedys

From gummies to tinctures, accessing high-quality Delta-8 THC just got easier.

We all deserve to feel good. Unfortunately, finding ways to improve your daily well-being can be challenging. 

With so many cannabis and hemp products on the market, we’re on a mission to help you weed out the untrustworthy and reap the rewards of premium hemp-derived products. For daily wellness, relaxation, pain relief, or simply to feel good, look to Delta Remedys

This premium Delta-8 brand prides itself on providing relief to all you need while remaining completely transparent about what’s in their products through lab test certifications. Learn more about Delta Remedys below and a few of their most effective products.

About Delta Remedys

Delta Remedys has quickly become one of the most trusted sources for Delta-8 THC products in the United States.

Behind the brand is a team of family members that launched this company to provide Delta-8 products to those who need them, whether you struggle with chronic pain or need something to help you relax.

Easily accessing quality, effective, and safe Delta-8 products has never been easier. The brand firmly believes in the benefits of Delta-8 and healthy natural alternatives, and they strive to be a source of education to new and seasoned users who want to learn more about this new cannabinoid.

The brand wants you to know exactly what you’re consuming by providing full lab reports for every product. Not to mention offering fast shipping and unmatched customer service. They do so while remaining completely transparent to consumers regarding what’s in their products, lab test certifications, and staying true to high-quality Delta-8 products.

Premium Hemp-Derived Gummies & Tinctures

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Delta Remedys offers a unique assortment of premium Delta-8 and Delta-9 Gummies along with their top-shelf all-natural Delta-8 THC Tincture. See below for more information about your remedies from Delta Remedys.

Delta-8 THC Ring Gummies: Delta Remedys carries a few different quantities of their Delta-8 THC Ring Gumies, which come in delightful apple, peach, and watermelon flavors. With 30-pack contains 10 gummies, each containing 25mg Delta-8 THC, making for a package total of 750mg. They’re delicious, loaded with Delta-8, and come with an in-depth lab report so you can consume with peace of mind. 

Delta-9 THC Ring Gummies Bundle: Delta Remedys carries four flavors of their Delta-9 THC Ring Gummies, available in Watermelon, Peach, Apple, and Blue Raspberry. They are available individually, but why not stock up with the brand’s Delta-9 THC Ring Gummies Bundle? Each gummy contains 20mg Delta-9 THC and 20mg Full Spectrum CBD for a grand total of 1600mg.

Delta-8 THC Tincture: For easy, sugar-free relief, opt for Delta Remedys’ Delta-8 THC Tincture, available in 1000mg, 2000mg, and 3000mg. The brand says this is the most effective and reliable way of taking Delta-8 THC, and these tinctures are proudly made with 100% all-natural ingredients backed by rigorous lab testing. Don’t stress; kick back and experience the relief you deserve.

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