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Find Keurig-Compatible Cannabis-Infused Coffee Only At Kush Cups

Sip your way to energetic euphoria with Kush Cups' delicious cannabis-infused coffee.

We all need a pick-me-up from time to time. Whether you’re dragging yourself out of bed or can’t stop yawning during workday meetings, looking for energy to keep you going can be challenging.

For many of us, a good ol’ cup of coffee does the trick. For others, a spark of a cerebral Sativa is enough. What if you could combine the energizing effects of coffee with the uplifting sensations of cannabis?

If that’s something of interest (I know I’ve been waiting for it), look to Kush Cups for your needed energy boost. Find cannabis-infused coffee that’s just as effective as it is delicious. See below for more information about Kush Cups and their infused products.

About Kush Cups

The team behind Kush Cups has over 15 years of experience manufacturing cannabis edibles. They take immense pride in sourcing the highest quality strains and manufacturing the best cannabis-infused coffees in the industry.

They hold education, transparency, and craftsmanship close while striving to elevate the consumption experience for new and seasoned cannabis users. Kush Cups is keen to share how their proprietary NanoBoost® infusion is as natural as it gets, avoiding unwanted preservatives and chemicals. The result is clean, tasty, effective, Keurig-compatible coffee.

The Roasts

Kush Cups prides itself on creating infused coffee that’s both flavorful and effective. From the comforting first sip to the onset of effects, you simply can’t find this kind of quality and experience elsewhere.

See the infused product options at Kush Cups below.

4 Pack Of Pods: This pack of four medium-roast cannabis-infused coffee pods originates from Guatemala, contains 10mg THC per pod, and carries delicious notes of dark chocolate, lemon rind, and cherry. The same coffee pods are also offered in a Single Pod Pack.

Ground Coffee: This medium roast, single-origin ground coffee brews approximately 20 cups. The entire package contains 100mg THC, so be sure to measure your doses to your personal tolerance. This tasty and aromatic brew offers notes of dark chocolate, lemon rind, and cherry while originating from Guatemala.

Kush Cups has the products we’ve been waiting for. For some, that morning cup of coffee is the best part of their day. For others, it’s a mid-day pick-me-up session.

Why not combine those two experiences with rich coffee and the highest quality cannabis possible? For more information about Kush Cups, visit their website at

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