The 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2024

Sativa strains have a specific reputation in the market because they are usually associated with energetic, creative, or focused effects.

True cannabis connoisseurs may consider that the differences between different cannabis strains go far beyond Indica, hybrid, and Sativa strains.

Usually, factors such as terpenes, strain type, and many more also play a role, but in general, it is sufficient to think of strains in terms of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid to have a global vision and choose which one can best suit your needs.

An easy way to understand the broad categorization of strains is as follows:

  • Sativas: uplifting and energetic effects.
  • Indicas: relaxing and sleepy effects.
  • Hybrids: balanced effects. Although some hybrids can have indica or Sativa predominance.

Sativa strains have a reputation in the market because they are usually associated with energetic, creative, or focused effects without the drowsy side.

If Sativa strains are your thing or you want to experiment with them and their effects, here are 10 of the strongest options in the world today.

Sativa Strains Effects

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The head high and the energizing, creative, and concentrating effects are the flagships of Sativa strains. There is no doubt that Sativa strains are very potent marijuana with high THC levels.

The strongest Sativa strains usually have a low level of CBD and high levels of THC, the one in charge of that euphoric high and psychoactive effects.

Sativa strains are known for keeping you awake and active. They are ideal for the famous wake and bake and start the day with the best energy.

Delta-8 is as different from delta-9 as an indica is from a Sativa. As a Sativa lover, it is easy to get used to the uplifting buzz without much else.

Delta 8 is a fantastic substitute when being productive. Binoid has a great line of delta-8 THC products. Remember to stay relaxed, motivated, and uplifted with Binoid’s Delta-8 Sativa cart.

Now, let’s start with the good stuff. What are the strongest Sativa strains nowadays?

Grow Your Own Sativa Strains

Strongest Sativa Strains

Some of the strains we mention are pure Sativa or hybrids with high Sativa predominance.

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OG Kush

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We are all familiar with OG Kush. It is truly the Original Gangster. 

Some say this is because it’ll lay you out cold. Others say it’s the mystic Californian genetics that exhibits something like Chemdawg, Hindu Kush, and Lemon Thai.

Nonetheless, iconic strains deserve iconic delivery. Serene Tree’s small batch OG Kush pre-rolls are rolled to perfection, doing this iconic strain the justice it deserves. 

Unlike any pre-roll you have experienced, this concentrate-dipped, kief powdered joint will deliver a proper experience of one of the strongest strains on earth today.

Jack Herer

The Jack Herer strain is a classic strain from Europe that is characterized by its mental high effects consisting of happiness and euphoria, making you more energetic and creative to undertake any task.

This is the embodiment of the expression wake and bake. Perfect for starting the day with the best energy and state of mind.

It was created by combining a Haze hybrid with a cross between Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5. It has a delicious aroma of pine mixed with black pepper spices.

This strain is one of the best examples of a Sativa, so it is a great starting point to help you discover if Sativa strains are for you.

Sour Diesel THC-A Hemp Flower

If you’re on the hunt for a powerful Sativa strain, you may want to consider the Sour Diesel THC-A Hemp Flower from Black Tie CBD. This potent offering boasts a total THC content of 17.2%, making it a strong contender in the world of Sativa-dominant hybrids. The effects of this product have been reported to boost mood significantly, aligning with the uplifting and energizing qualities commonly associated with Sativa strains.

Black Tie CBD is renowned for their award-winning hemp flowers, which are carefully cultivated and processed to ensure the highest quality product. The Sour Diesel strain, in particular, combines the classic Diesel aroma with a zesty citrus note that’s sure to engage your senses.

While you’re exploring the strongest Sativa strains out there, don’t overlook this top-tier product from Black Tie CBD. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a newbie to the scene, Sour Diesel THC-A Hemp Flower might just be the energizing experience you’ve been looking for.

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Durban Poison

Durban Poison is the best strain to get your day going, as long as you are careful with the dosage. With an average THC level of 20%, you can expect a boost of energy and creativity, perfect to start your day.

The genetic roots of this strain can be traced back to South Africa, where it gets its name. It is very aromatic, sweet, and piney.

Warning: If you want to feel uplifted and creative, it’s probably best to take it easy with this particular Sativa.

Green Crack

The Green Crack is an example of a hybrid strain with a strong Sativa predominance. Its THC level can be found up to 25%.

Green Crack has a cerebral effect that stimulates creativity and increases happiness and physical activity, making it ideal for anxiety and depression. Its flavor profile includes notes of tropical fruits such as mangoes and oranges.

It is a very potent strain that should be consumed with moderation and is not recommended for rookies, as its effects can be overwhelming.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain characterized by a well-balanced high that fits perfectly into your daily activities.

Its average THC percentage is moderately high at around 22%. It is a relatively balanced strain that is good for a wake and bake or to end an evening in a creative way.

Amnesia Haze comes from Asian, Jamaican, and Hawaiian plant genetics. It flowers late but offers good yields of huge, potent buds with a dominant smoke and flavors.

Strawberry Cough

If the name doesn’t tell you enough, this strain is characterized by two things: its fruity strawberry smell and its potency. It is a powerful yet balanced strain that is enjoyed by newbies to experts.

Strawberry Cough has a sweet strawberry aroma and a subtle aftertaste that is accompanied by a cloud of thick smoke, which is the cause of its surname. This strain will make even experienced smokers cough.

Its THC percentage can be up to 24%. The strain mixes Swiss Erdbeer Sativa or Strawberry Fields, an unknown Indica, and maybe some original Haze. Although its THC level is high, the experience is mainly social, it tends to reduce stress and anxiety.

Super Silver Haze

The Super Silver Haze provides a lot of energy with the same amount of concentration. Its THC percentage is at an average of 23%.

This is an ideal strain for daytime use, as it gives a lot of energy and euphoria to start the day in the right mood. It is associated with an energy rush that will have you climbing the walls.

Definitely a strain to wake up and bake. Its genetics of Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze give it a nice earthy citrus flavor profile.

Pineapple Express

Photo courtesy of Leafly

If you’ve heard of Pineapple Express, you’ll know that it’s known for providing a burst of energy, promoting focus, and boosting creativity.

The strain inherited its THC potency from its parents: Hawaiian and Trainwreck, but its high is much more controllable. The THC level of Pineapple Express is 25%, but you can find other phenotypes on the market that exceed 30%.

It features flavors of pineapple, apple, mango, and other fruity flavors to heighten your senses and brighten your day.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is the result of a cross between Purple Thai and Haze strains. With a high THC level that can be up to 26%.

Purple Haze is one of the strongest haze strains with an immediate high-energy cerebral stimulation characterized by creativity and concentration.


Tangie is a blend loaded with terpenes that give it a citrusy, tangerine-like smell and taste. It is very powerful, so small amounts are recommended to feel energetic and vibrant. Its effects can be euphoric.

It is said that Tangie is a mix of some kind of hybrid of Skunk with California Orange or Tangerine Dream.

Tangie is a sort of remake of the popular version of the Tangerine Dream that was highly sought after in the 1990s.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Sativa strains are an excellent alternative for those who want more energy to start their days or even finish them. Or those who seek to have higher levels of concentration and creativity for the work of the day.

These are some of the strongest Sativa strains available today. Get to know them and enjoy their powerful effects.

The Best Methods To Consume The Strongest Sativa Strains

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