Strains Sense: The Strongest Hybrid Strains On Earth Right Now

These are some of the most acclaimed hybrid strains in the cannabis market due to their incredible potency. Spoiler alert: some of them reach more than 30% of THC.

The hybrid strains have a special place in the heart of many stoners because there is something for everyone with this type of varieties. There are balanced hybrids but there are also those with a predominance towards indica or sativa, it is a whole range of options and effects to choose from.

Most of the cannabis strains are hybrids, as there are very few sativa or indica strains completely pure.

Sativa strains are known for their energetic effects, while indicas are known to be calming. And hybrid strains run the spectrum of possibilities, which is what makes them so special.

These hybrid cannabis strains produce several potential holistic properties that promise pain relief, mental stimulation, and feelings of intense euphoria.

Here are some of the most potent hybrids with high THC levels and mind-blowing effects.

Violet Fog THCA Flower

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You’ve never tried a strain like Violet Fog before. Brought to you by Bloomz’s new THCA Flower Gold Line, this potent strain is praised for its hazy mental and physical buzz alongside grape, spicy, and skunky notes. With over 25% THCA, you’ll be buzzing like a bee.

Every cannabis user should try THCA flower at least once, considering it’s not only federally legal, but it produces the exact same effects as tried and true Delta-9 THC. Even better, this particular Gold Line from Bloomz features the best nugs, strains, and batches from artisanal growers in Oregon and Colorado.

It is boutique, indoor-grown flower that’s extremely potent, so it’s advised to start low and slow. Available in 3.5g and 7g, Bloomz’s Gold Line THCA Flower in Violet Fog is a game-changing hybrid strain that’s waiting for a spark. Get yours today and see what the hype is about.

Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana has earned the title of one of the strongest strains in the world. In some tests, this strain reached over 33% THC although on average this strain has a percentage of 26-30%, making it one of the strongest strains in the world.

Chiquita Banana is a cross between the famous OG Kush and Banana, and you will find yourself flying through a dreamy, euphoric ecstasy after just one or two tastes of this strain.

The effects glide continuously for a few hours as they dissolve negative thoughts and doubts. The sweet flavors of these potent buds offer happy, giggly, and relaxed sensations.

Low tolerance smokers and newcomers should take it easy with this strain.

Cherry Pie

The parental origins of this delicious hybrid are Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durban.

Its taste resembles sweet and sour cherries, with a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

This strain is credited with its giggly effects, overall mood enhancement, and a balance of energetic and calming effects.

Cherry Pie is known for its flavorful buds that contain between 20-26% THC levels. After consuming this strain you will immediately feel a change of perception while a happy smile graces your face.

Strawberry Banana

Also known as Strawnana, this is an uplifting hybrid strain. This indica-dominant crop produces a THC level ranging from 22-26% and is the perfect bud to induce extreme relaxation.

With large yields, great terpene production, and a high that is easy for everyone to enjoy, Strawberry Banana is a strain worth trying.

It combines the taste of tropical fruit with the aroma of fresh strawberries for a potent, sweet flavor. The effects are equally potent and long-lasting, providing an energizing high that helps you stay productive throughout the day.

You’ll feel a buzzing sensation that starts in your head and spreads all the way down to your toes. It will leave you feeling happy, euphoric, and uplifted.

White Widow

This hybrid is a classic in its category. It is the embodiment of the word hybrid by having a percentage of THC and CBD in equal parts with a ratio of 1:1. This makes both cannabinoids boost and work synergistically creating a potent strain with euphoric effects.

This exotic strain is a cross between a Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica. Its effects are balanced but powerful.

The THC level can be up to 22%. When consumed it offers a surge of energy before tying you to a comfortable and euphoric couch lock. The aroma is very herbal and earthy, with subtle fruity notes from the plant’s terpenes.

Moonwlkr Delta 8 THC Vape Cart

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The Moonwlkr Delta-8 THC Vape Cart has two outstanding hybrid strains, the Grape Runtz and Himalia. Few could stand their punch, especially when vaping. But the most pleasant high awaits if you can handle them.

The Moonwlkr Delta-8 THC Vape Cart cart has 800 mg of Delta 8 THC distillate with the terpenes profiles of both strains. Only natural flavors and zero solvents. Besides, this cart has a ceramic heater that enhances the convection heat of hemp-derived products.

But as fantastic as it is, the Moonwlkr Delta-8 THC Vape Cart with Grape Runtz and Himalia strains is a limited edition. No hot cake sells as fast as this vape, so you better get yours soon.

Sour Space Candy

One of the strongest CBD-dominant hybrids available is this direct descendant of the classic strains Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry. With 16.7% CBD, 1% THC, and a very attractive terpene profile, Sour Space Candy has some of the strongest effects among hybrid strains. After a few tokes of this strain, you will feel a relaxed and calm mood.

The smell of this flower is fruity, with notes of gas and diesel thanks to its parents. It grows strong and has a flavor profile similar to Gorilla Glue #4 and Sour Diesel. The dense buds are multicolored, showing purple, orange, and green hues.

Gorilla Glue #4

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Gorilla Glue #4 rocked the cannabis world with test results reaching up to 33% THC. There are several Gorilla Glue phenotypes available, although #4 is the most popular, followed by #1. Gorilla Glue produces a very strong hybrid high, perhaps leaning a bit towards the body side.

However, this strain also provides some intensely euphoric effects. All in all, anyone in need of a powerful yet blissful experience will love Gorilla Glue.

This complex strain is packed with flavors, making it a popular ingredient for edibles. With a high THC content and low CBD content, this strain is famous for its intense high.

Bruce Banner #3

Bruce Banner #3 is hard to find, and the demand for this bud is increasing. Bruce Banner #3 is a very potent hybrid that has up to 25% THC.

One of the strongest strains in the world, Bruce Banner is a great medical cannabis bud and can be extremely helpful for those with chronic pain, including neuropathic pain and pain after an injury.

This strain is also recognized for inspiring an onslaught of creativity, which is often appreciated by those who struggle with concentration and attention.

Created from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banner #3 is known for its fast-acting effects that lean toward invigoration. This motivational strain is popular with consumers who have a lot of tasks to accomplish.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies have become one of the most popular hybrid strains on the West Coast. Often used as a base for Kurupt’s Moonrocks, this potent weed has up to 28% THC. As a hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies provides a strong high with a significant amount of body relaxation and mood elevation.

This strain is known to inspire some giggles and a hazy, euphoric feeling. However, in large doses, this strain can cause sedation, which could make it difficult to get off the couch.

OG #18

Released by DNA Genetics under the Reserva Privada label, OG #18 is a phenotype of the OG Kush. OG #18 has been tested with up to 27% THC. This strain has won several awards, including Best Hydro at Spannabis 2011. This strain perhaps leans a bit towards the indica side of OG Kush, providing consumers with a positive, upbeat mood and substantial body relaxation.

This strain is certainly potent, but it is not likely to leave you stuck on the couch. Rather, save this bud for a quiet afternoon when you can sit back, relax and de-stress.

Overall any OG Kush is a potent strain suitable for THC lovers, as there is no CBD in it.

King Tut

King Tut, also known as Tutankhamon, is a sativa-dominant hybrid with THC levels that can reach 30%. This strain is believed to be an offspring of the legendary AK-47, a potent sativa that produces a fast-acting, clear-headed cerebral high.

It is a great strain for daytime use, promoting energy, stamina, and focus. However, people sensitive to sativas or large amounts of THC may experience some anxiety with this strain.

Final Verdict

Choosing a single strain among the strongest hybrids is perhaps an impossible task, they all have their points in favor. For THC percentages would take the prize perhaps Gorilla Glue #4 and Chiquita Banana, as they have been developed with THC in mind. But all the hybrid varieties on this list are a complete delight worth trying and are sure to give you a good punch.

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