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From Comedy To Cannabis, Seth Rogen Infused His Love For Weed Into His Career

Learn more about Seth Rogen, his early life, the making of Pineapple Express, and his cannabis/home goods company, Houseplant.

What do you think of when you hear the name, Seth Rogen? Perhaps his hit movies like Superbad and Pineapple Express or his ultra-potent weed at Houseplant.

The Canadian-American writer, comic, filmmaker, and actor has always been open about his love for weed. Whether he’d post about it or create an entire movie about it, Seth believes that weed is an “intrinsic part” of his lifestyle, something many pot lovers can relate to.

Needless to say, Seth has become an intrinsic part of our cannabis community. Who else would we look to for late-night laughs, raunchy humor, and the best damn cannabis accessories on the market? See below for more information about Seth Rogen’s early comedy days, the making of Pineapple Express, and his cannabis/home goods company, Houseplant.

Early Comedy Days

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Seth Rogen is Jewish and of Ukrainian and Russian descent. He ended up writing his own stand-up comedy sets at the age of 12. Little did he know that only four years later, he would have the funds to relocate his entire family to Los Angeles.

Seth’s first venture into comedy was with instructor Mark Pooley at his comedy workshop classes. He would crack jokes and punchlines about what he knew, like his bar mitzvah and camp counselors. It wasn’t long before he started doing stand-up at bar mitzvahs and larger events, prompting him to start a career.

Having met his childhood friend Evan Goldberg at bar mitzvah classes, the two wrote the first draft of Superbad at 13 years old about their experiences as teenagers thus far. Throughout high school, the two would fine-tune and edit the script to perfection.

Four years into his comedy career, at the age of 16, Seth won the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest. That same year, he was hired on Judd Apatow’s show Freaks and Geeks, leading him to relocate his family to Los Angeles as the breadwinner.

From there, Seth and Evan began their ventures into writing and acting in their own movies, like Pineapple Express.

10 Facts About Pineapple Express With Seth Rogen

Anyone who smokes weed has likely seen Pineapple Express. This timeless stoner action-comedy produced by Judd Apatow has remained a coveted piece of cannabis culture for years. Roughly 14 years, to be exact.

Four years ago, in 2018, Rogen tweeted 10 facts about the making of Pineapple Express, all of which are quite interesting from the viewer’s perspective. See Seth’s 10 behind-the-scenes facts about Pineapple Express below.

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If Seth Rogen has made anything clear throughout his acting and filmmaking career, it’s that he loves weed. After all, British Columbia grows Canada’s finest cannabis.

Seth has been open about being a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), advocating for the reform of weed laws throughout the United States. His love for the plant was at a peak in 2019 when he and Evan Goldberg decided to launch a cannabis and home goods company called Houseplant.

The brand originally launched in Toronto, Canada, but has since relocated to California. The brand not only immortalizes Seth’s love for weed but his love for home goods, retro decor, and ceramics as well. In 2017, the actor/writer began making ceramics after attending pottery classes with his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen.

Houseplant currently acts as a cannabis company with a separate section for home goods and collectibles. Prior to the company’s launch, Seth opened up about his love for vintage ashtrays and table lighters, reminiscent of a time when smoking wasn’t stigmatized because these products were designed for cigarettes.

He told The Guardian, “Smoking used to be this kind of in-vogue thing that drew a lot of great minds to the things that surrounded it, ashtrays and things like that.”

Once research showed how unhealthy smoking cigarettes was, Seth says smoking accessories “fell out of fashion.” Now, Houseplant is bringing them back to life for the cannabis community. Seth firmly believes that the time to destigmatize cannabis is now, and Houseplant aims to work against the idea that using weed is more dangerous than other activities like drinking.

From block table lighters to curvy ashtrays and lamps that double as lighters, Seth is bringing style, functionality, and convenience to life at Houseplant. He and Evan continue to infuse their personality, wants, and needs into their products, making them some of the most personable cannabis accessories on the market.

After all, if anyone were going to make a killing with their own cannabis company, it would be Seth Rogen.

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