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The Herbalist: Houseplant Offers The Complete Cannabis Experience

From dank flower to home goods and accessories, Houseplant has everything the modern stoner needs.

Cannabis is a way of life. Many of us find solace and relief in this sacred plant, and we’re proud to incorporate it into our everyday routines.

As times change and the cannabis space evolves, we can broaden our horizons with chic accessories and useful home goods to take our experience with cannabis to the max.

Besides offering some of the best damn flower in the country, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg’s brand, Houseplant, has everything the modern stoner needs and more.

From ashtrays and lighters to vinyl box sets with curated playlists for Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid sessions, Rogen and Goldberg truly thought of everything in terms of the ultimate cannabis experience.

Long gone are the days when you had to hide your bong and paraphernalia when guests came over. Houseplant lets you show off its unique home goods pieces, some of which act as impressive smoking accessories too.

The Houseplant Lifestyle

You’ve likely seen Seth Rogen’s recent ventures into pottery. He’s warming the hearts of fans as they watch him plunk down and spin out his next ceramic creation.

Houseplant‘s website states that each vase, planter, and ashtray from Seth takes about four weeks to make. That includes firing each piece twice, one for strength and one for the glaze.

There are goods like the Vase By Seth, “It holds flowers and other sorta tall skinny things,” reads the description. Not to mention the Planter By Seth, a house for your plants from Houseplant.

The brand’s “Lifestyle” category packs beautiful 2-in-1 products like the Stack Lantern Ashtray, a portable lantern with a built-in ashtray for those nighttime seshes in the great outdoors.

Sparking The Houseplant

Pairing such unique goods with only the finest cannabis on the market is essential. As a west coast boy, Seth knows good green when he sees it, err, smokes it.

Houseplant‘s flower selection carries only the cream of the crop, coming in various strains under Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. “Trimmed from the top of the plant where the buds are the biggest, the trichomes are the densest, and the THC is the highest,” reads its website.

All strains from Houseplant are exclusively hand-picked by Rogen and Goldberg. They don’t do the actual picking at the cultivation site, but they select each strain after extensive testing.

The result is only the finest hand-picked, trimmed, and packaged bud around with frosty trichomes and aromas so strong you’ll have to lean in for a second whiff.

For more information or to shop Houseplant, visit its home goods website at, and check out its flower selection at

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