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Culture | 01.10.2023

From Weed Dealing To Chart Topping, Vic Mensa’s Career Is Nothing Short Of Inspiring

Learn more about Vic Mensa's close relationship with cannabis and what prompted him to launch Chicago's first Black-owned weed brand.

Celebrities getting into cannabis is nothing new. From actors and musicians, everyone wants a slice of the cash crop.

There’s no denying that many of these cannabis ventures aren’t all that personal. Looking for celebrity brands with a personal, human touch was almost impossible until Victor Kwesi Mensah launched 93 Boyz.

Professionally known as Vic Mensa, the seasoned Chicago-based rapper, producer, MC, activist, and visual artist knows his way around the plant.

Besides his close ties with cannabis, Mensa is deeply passionate about giving back to the community and paving the way for more Black entrepreneurs to operate comfortably in the thriving cannabis industry.

After all, his recent brand, 93 Boyz, was the first Black-owned cannabis brand in Illinois. But where did his passion for weed come from? Learn more about Vic Mensa, his relationship with cannabis, the mission behind 93 Boyz, and his activism below.

Cannabis For Wellbeing

Our favorite plant has played an intrinsic role in Vic Mensa‘s life. “My relationship with cannabis goes back to age 11 and has existed in more of my life than not,” he tells Herb.

For someone who’s “been through the wringer of the pharmaceutical industry,” Mensa has become deeply passionate about natural, holistic approaches to treating mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

His lifelong battle with mental illness and understanding of the lack of salvation in pharmaceuticals led to his conscious, intentional, and purposeful cannabis use.

Besides holistic approaches to mental health, “the plant has primarily been a creative inspiration in my life,” Vic added. And which strain inspires him to create music? Nothing more than classic OG Kush.

“My preferred strain when hitting the studio, I think classically, has been OG because Indicas just relax me,” explains Vic. He hinted that a Sativa called “My Thai” has been giving him an “ill-creative boost” when crafting his upcoming sophomore full-length album.

“My favorite strain when making music is OG, though,” he concluded.

Vic Gives Back

Giving back is a way of life for Mensa. Chicago natives experienced this firsthand when the rapper gifted free gas to 200 cars, literally and figurately.

Over the Labor Day weekend, Mensa returned to his old stomping grounds at a BP station in the Southside of Chicago at 47th and Woodlawn Avenue. He donated a generous $10,000 to fill 200 cars with gas while giving everyone a dank parting gift too.

The donation was hosted by his weed company, 93 Boyz, the first Black-owned and led cannabis brand in Illinois. The brand is in partnership with the non-profit organization Books Before Bars, which provides books to Illinois prison libraries, ensuring inmates have access to resources that could change their time in prison for the better.

Mensa isn’t just a cannabis advocate but an activist for the greater good. In 2018, the rapper founded a Black and Indigenous-led non-profit organization called SaveMoneySaveLife. The organization strives to empower people of color and create positive change within the arts.

Sophomore Full-Length Album

Photo By 93 Boyz

Cannabis aside, Mensa has been hard at work in the studio. He’s currently getting ready to release his second full-length studio album through Roc Nation.

Mensa has stated that the album is complete, and he’s putting the final touches on mixes. He said it contains an eclectic mix of his musical influences, spanning 90s hip-hop and punk to rock n’ roll.

It’s one of the most self-reflective, personal, and meaningful projects from the Chicago-based rapper, one that tracks his journey moving from Los Angeles back home to Chi-Town.

The album is mainly produced by Grammy award-winning Nigerian producer Bongo ByTheWay and Mensa himself. Expect new sounds, personal concepts, and features from some of hip-hop’s hottest acts.

About 93 Boyz

Mensa has a lot on his plate. From finalizing his second studio album to overseeing operations at 93 Boyz. Yet, he seems to be in the happiest, healthiest state of his career.

Being Chicago’s first Black-owned and led cannabis brand, 93 Boyz is deeply rooted in the community and dedicated to giving back to those most affected by the failed war on drugs.

Did you know that Black-owned cannabis brands only make up for 2% of total weed brands in the United States? That’s the fuel that inspired 93 Boyz, as well as Mensa‘s recognition that his community needs to be involved in the legal cannabis industry.

“As Illinois’ first black-owned weed brand, the responsibility is major,” explains Mensa. “I plan on connecting with other black-owned brands…to build power and collectivize power.”

The brand’s mission is to reinvest in those most-impacted communities and individuals while lifting them up with the headiest product in Illinois. After all, Mensa knows his way around good weed.

With years of experience under his belt and a profound passion for social equity and justice, Vic Mensa is redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry.

For more information about 93 Boyz, visit their website at

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