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Get Seeds You Can Trust With Expert Growing Advice From ILGM

ILGM offers the highest quality seeds, expert advice, and free shipping nationwide.

Looking to grow your own weedCannabis cultivation doesn’t have to be intimidating. After all, many of us start cultivating our own plants as a passion project.

It can be quite a therapeutic experience once you learn the ins and outs of the process. Whether you’re looking for the highest quality seeds or want to grow cannabis for the first time, ILGM is here to help.

ILGM, short for I Love Growing Marijuana, is one of the world’s leading seedbanks that doesn’t just offer the best quality seeds but expert advice and support every step of the way.

See below for more information about this reliable marijuana seed company and some seed recommendations for your next plant.

About ILGM

ILGM was founded in 2012 by marijuana-growing enthusiast Robert Bergman, who spent the last 25 years learning everything possible about growing cannabis. From his home-based setup with five plants to industrial-sized plantations and labs, Bergman has seen it all and grown it all.

After years of large-scale growing, Bergman dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge and experiences of cannabis cultivation with the world. That brings us to his reputable marijuana seed company, I Love Growing Marijuana. With some seeds, advice, and education from the company, you can love growing marijuana too.

ILGM doesn’t just strive to provide you with the highest quality seeds but to ensure you get the best results from your plant and have fun growing it. Whether you’re an expert cultivator or new to growing, ILGM provides detailed training resources and the best seeds so you can call yourself an expert grower.

Seed Selection

ILGM has an impressive selection of feminized and autoflower seeds. Whether they’re high yields, small plants, outdoor plants, or even old-school seeds, ILGM has it all.

If you’re a beginner, don’t fret. ILGM also has a complete section dedicated to beginner grows that breaks down the process of choosing a strain, the first steps of growing marijuana, a grow course, and a grow forum.

If you’re looking for some recommendations, ILGM’s Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds produce the cream of the crop. This Indica-dominant hybrid is also available in autoflowering seeds and reaches whopping THC levels of up to 30%.

Honorable mention to Runtz Autoflower Seeds, which are also available in feminized seeds and produce wickedly high THC levels that reach 29%. It’s a balanced and euphoric hybrid that will let you puff with pride.

For more seed options and information about I Love Growing Marijuana, visit their website at

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