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How To Grow Weed In Your Apartment

Anyone can do it with these tips.

More and more people are choosing to grow their own cannabis. Since apartment dwellers are a big chunk of the population, that means lots of people are growing weed in their apartments.

Many of them are achieving successful harvests through apartment growing. It isn’t extremely difficult; it’s just a matter of being familiar with a few tips and tricks. We’re here to help.

Hiding The Weed Smell

You may be lucky enough to have mellow neighbors and a cool landlord. We’re talking about folks who don’t mind the smell of growing cannabis. If so, that makes things a lot easier when you’re apartment growing.

But the rest of us must worry about the scent of a pot garden stinking up the whole apartment complex. That can get you evicted or even busted if you live in a state where it’s illegal to grow pot. That’s why having a plan to deal with the weed smell needs to come first when apartment growing.

If you have a serious case of weed stench, get a proper air freshener to clear up the smell. Agent 420 sells anti-odor sprays specifically designed to eliminate weed smells of the air and fabric. They even have a body spray! Another easy fix is lighting the Cannabis Killer Candle to eliminate the dank.

The good news is, there’s a relatively easy solution. You need an exhaust duct equipped with an active carbon filter. An exhaust fan pulls the odor-laden air through the duct and filter, and the carbon helps eliminate the smell.

Ventilation Is Important

Plants, like humans, need to breathe. The only difference is they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, which is the opposite of us.

Ventilation ensures not only that the air is fresh, but also that the temperature in the grow room is cool enough. If your grow room gets too hot and stuffy, it can stress out your plants and even cause them to stop growing. Consistent airflow helps the plant stay healthy.

Humidity control is also a crucial component of apartment growing. High humidity can cause dreaded mold and mildew on your plants, which can destroy your crop. Many growers put a dehumidifier or a humidifier in the grow room for this reason. Humidity levels should be between 50 percent and 70 percent for vegetative growth, and between 50 and 60 percent for flowering.

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LED Grow Lights Work Best For Apartment Growing

While high-intensity metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights certainly have their place in indoor cultivation, LED lights are best for apartment growing. This is because LEDs don’t produce nearly as much heat as high-intensity lighting.

Happily, LEDs also use much less power than MH and HPS lights. This helps offset the somewhat higher initial cost of buying them. The fact that LEDs run more quietly is also a big plus for stealth apartment growing.

Yet another reason LEDs are ideal for apartment growing is that they’re safe to leave much closer to your plants than high-intensity lights. When you’re growing weed in a closet, grow tent, grow box, or other limited space, that can be important. Few things are as heartbreaking as accidentally scorching one of your plants with a hot lamp.

Closet, Grow Tent, Or Grow Box?

The three main options for apartment growing are closets, grow tents, or grow boxes.

As spaces that are already defined, closets are usually one of the first places prospective apartment growers think of. They provide privacy from prying eyes. They can also be lined with flat white paper or reflective mylar to maximize lighting. Check out VIVOSUN’s products if you’re going for a grow tent for your apartment. They have tents for all sizes, needs, and budgets.

Closets, however, can present challenges when it comes to airflow, temperature, and humidity. Exhaust systems are a near-must. And you’ll need to think about how to duct your exhaust through an existing window or dryer vent.

Grow tents are a second option, and for many apartment dwellers, a good one. Many grow tents are reasonably priced and aren’t too difficult to set up. A big advantage of tents over closets is that they are specifically designed for growing. Grow tents also help prevent the kinds of wall and floor damage from humidity and spills which can occur in closets.

Grow boxes may be the best option for apartment growing. These self-contained grow spaces can even come pre-equipped with what you need to grow weed. That means you can invest in an all-in-one grow box complete with lighting, ventilation, and if desired, even a hydroponic setup.

For the best grow box out there, check out Dealzer’s Cash Crop 6.0. It comes with all the essentials and grows up to 6 plants from seed to harvest with the help of LED lights and hydroponics.

Using A Grow Kit For Small Spaces

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If getting some of the tools and shed from above seem like a hassle, maybe getting a smaller pot, and a full-on kit can save you some time. We recommend this, especially if you don’t have much space, as a single pot with a full kit and guidelines to follow can help you kick start your new hobby a lot easier.

We usually recommend going for small kits that are flexible, and that specifically use smaller pots. Sometimes apartments don’t have the space for a tent or even a cardboard box that can feel way too bulky or make your space feel cramped.

This is why we recommend a Pot for a Pot’s Grow Kits, which are perfect for small spaces. Their growing weed kit includes a small pot that can fit most spaces without a hassle, besides a detailed grow guide to lead you through the process.

They also include a seed germination kit, a special soil with all the nutrients your weed needs, and of course, coco brick to help regulate air and moisture. We love they also include tools, so you don’t need to worry about getting a spray bottle or precision trimming scissors for harvest time.

This kit works perfectly for indoor and outdoor reduced spaces, patios, or even balconies. Expect this to yield about 4 ounces of buds in about 80 days. And at most, the weed plants will grow up anywhere from 2 through 4 feet.

As you can notice, this kit can give you a good head start to start growing your own weed, even in an apartment or small house. Watering is done through the can and reservoir combo, and it’s a way to get everything you need from a single place.

We also love their seed coupons, which you can order directly after setting up your place so you can choose your favorite strains. Read more about this kit and other ready-to-go kits for growing pot at their website over here.

Which Strains Are Best For Apartment Growing?

Growing in a limited space requires that some thought is given to strain selection. Whether in a closet, grow tent, or grow box, you’ll ideally want to select more compact varieties for apartment growing.

Practically speaking, this means the typically smaller profile of indica plants may be a better match for your grow space. Another factor to consider is the ease of growing a strain. If you’re a newbie grower or are working with a less than ideal grow space, don’t select a finicky strain. Here are a few recommended strains and seeds from growing specialists ILGM.

Auto-flowering strains are a good option if you don’t want to stress about photoperiod. These strains start flowering without changing the lighting cycle. They typically start flowering at about five weeks old and remain compact in size. They’ll be ready to harvest about seven weeks later.

Something you’re gonna have to consider is the smell. Low odor strains like these ones are great for apartment or closet grows. If you still want to grow a danky strain, get a proper air freshener to clear up the smell. Agent 420 sells anti-odor sprays specifically designed to eliminate weed smells of the air and fabric.

Electric Blue Autoflower Seeds

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The Electric Blue Autoflower Seeds are one of Homegrown’s most fantastic creations. They grow an autoflower strain, which means you can grow and harvest it any time of the year. The growth of this strain is simple, so it is great for new cultivars. This plant reaches from 35 to 59 inches, which makes it a good choice for people with little space in their apartments.

You can expect a nice yield of 14 oz per square meter in around 12 weeks, and THC concentrations from 16% to 18%. This strain has a complex terpenes profile that creates an incredible entourage effect, making your sesh exceptionally pleasant. That is if you give your plant the best conditions you can provide. But you have learned how to do it above.

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