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Grizzly Peak Is The Epitome Of A Brand For The Culture

Driven by the hardworking people of Oakland, Grizzly Peak strives to capture the essence of our precious culture.

It wasn’t long ago that we had to consume cannabis in secret. Unfortunately, this is still a reality for far too many users in the United States.

Before statewide legalization, we had to mission to hidden, isolated places to spark up. Places like the Berkeley Hills, birthed the Bay Area’s cannabis culture in the 60s. These were hard times, but they were simpler times, too.

The memories made, friendships built, and joints shared in the Berkeley Hills are something to be commemorated. When you’re looking for weed that continues this legacy, look to Grizzly Peak, named after the Grizzly Peak summit in the Berkeley Hills, where stoners of the past birthed our precious culture.

You’ve probably seen Grizzly Peak’s displays at various California dispensaries. Here’s what you should know about the brand and why choosing Grizzly Peak is always a good choice.

About Grizzly Peak

As mentioned, the brand’s name stems from the Grizzly Peak summit and is meant to capture the essence of what it was like there.

From the views of the Bay Bridge to the many joints shared and friendships made, Grizzly Peak strives to preserve the roots of our culture and continue its legacy.

Located in Oakland and San Diego, Grizzly Peak’s California indoor farm prides itself on growing premium cannabis that’s:

  • Fresh
  • Potent
  • Pesticide-free

Grizzly Peak’s team of cultivators and producers share a combined 30 years of growing cannabis. Their knowledge of the industry and cultivation speaks for itself.

Here, you can find the brand’s unique, handcrafted, proprietary-owned genetic strains that never stay on the shelves for long. Its impressive product line lets you scroll until your wrist is sore.

Grizzly Peak is inspired by the hardworking people of Oakland, and the brand strives to share its passion for creating premium cannabis products with the local community.

Fresh, Potent, & Pesticide-Free Cannabis

When purchasing any Grizzly Peak product, know that it was grown with the utmost care, never including pesticides or harmful additives.

The brand’s state-of-the-art cultivation facilities grow its superior genetic strains for recreational users and medical patients alike. Everyone and anyone is welcome to experience the finest Californian flower.

Grizzly Peak puts great care into ensuring that fresh flower is always available. That starts with its variety of rotating strains and continues over to its daily cure room check-ups that examine things like moisture level.

The team’s curing process sets Grizzly Peak’s flower apart from the rest, thanks to its preserved terpenes, flavors, and cannabinoids.

Even better, Grizzly Peak lets you puff with confidence in knowing that your flower is the safest of the safe, thanks to the brand’s biological pest control recipe that only uses verifiably safe and OMRI-certified solutions.

Long gone are the days when we had to mission up to Grizzly Peak to spark up. We invite you to honor stoners of the past, present, and future with the highest quality flower on the Californian market.

For more information about Grizzly Peak, visit its website at

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