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7 Ways To Smoke Weed In Your Apartment On The Sly

If you’re hoping to keep your home smelling fresh or need to be discrete, here are 7 ways to smoke weed in your apartment on the sly.
August 13, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox
7 Ways To Smoke Weed In Your Apartment On The Sly

There’s no doubt that cannabis is an aromatic herb. Rich and flavorful, smoke from this bud can linger on household fabrics like draperies, carpets, and bedding. Though the scent is often delicious and floral at first, it quickly becomes stale over time and can make your home smell musty and unpleasant. If you’re hoping to keep your home smelling fresh or need to be discrete, here are 7 ways to smoke weed in your apartment on the sly.

1. Use a sploof

smoke weed in your apartment using a sploof

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Slpoofs may look silly, but these devices are extremely useful. Made with some dryer sheets, a toilet paper tube, a sock, and a rubber band. Those hoping to get real fancy can pick up some activated carbon from a pet store and add that in as well. Stuff the dryer sheets in the tube and secure one to the end with a rubber band.

Then, cover the whole thing with sock and secure that with a rubber band. The dryer sheets and the carbon inside the slpoof will diffuse the smoke and eliminate the smell. Having a sploof handy is perfect for both staying discrete as well as avoiding stale air afterward.

Want to see a video? Check out the full article here.

2. Dab it up

Pipes, joints, bubblers, bongs, and blunts are all super obvious ways of consuming cannabis. All of these methods involve burning plant materials. If you’re hoping to stay discrete indoors, none of these methods are very practical. In contrast, dabbing is actually a fairly good way to inhale cannabis if you’re hoping to be discrete.

The smoke from a dab has hardly any fragrance, minus a light, sweet aroma. When you dab, you’re consuming cannabis concentrates with the majority of the plant matter removed. This means that you’re going to get a much smoother smoke and you avoid the messy process of combustion.

If dabbing indoors, using an enail is recommended for safety reasons. If using a torch, it’s best to keep a window open to make sure you have some ventilation.

3. Use a vaporizer

Vaporizing is another great way to stay discrete while smoking indoors. Vaporizers do not actually produce a smoke at all. Rather, they heat the cannabis product at a low temperature, just hot enough to melt the cannabis resin and release a steam.

Like dabs, this steam has very little fragrance. This means less stale smell once you’re through and you’re less likely to be interrupted because of the delicious yet obnoxious cannabis smell. Try a desktop vape the Volcano from Storz & Bickel.

4. Warm some essential oil

It’s always nice to go the traditional route when it comes to covering up cannabis smell. Lighting some incense or heating up some essential oil in a warmer is a great way to quickly mask that strong cannabis scent.

While many people use chemical sprays like Fabreeze, strong chemical fragrances can cause a headache and aren’t the best things to be breathing all of the time.

A strong essential oil like rosemary, eucalyptus, or peppermint will very quickly mask cannabis scent and will also help you feel alert and refreshed. Lavender, orange, and lemon are three others that would do the trick.

5. Keep windows open

This one might be a little obvious, but blowing cannabis smoke directly out a window is one of the easiest ways to avoid excess smoke in your home or apartment. Of course, to be discrete, it’s best to make sure that there are no nosey neighbors milling about outside.

Post smoking, it’s always best to open a window and turn on a fan or two. This will circulate fresh air into your space.

6. Smoke in the bathroom

Shove a towel under the door and turn on the fan. Smoking in the bathroom is one of the easiest ways to smoke cannabis in your apartment on the sly. Though wasteful, many people even turn on the shower to create a steam, which downplays some of the smoke aroma.

Most bathrooms have a fan, which makes somewhat easy to clear smoke out of the room fairly quickly. You can speed up this process even more by opening a window and lighting a candle, if possible.

7. Vacuum

Fabrics and textiles like to hold onto smoke and odor. If you smoke indoors quite a lot, chances are your sofa and carpet has absorbed much of the stale smoke odor most people try to avoid. Washing curtains, bedding, and furniture covers regularly can help you keep your smoking habit to yourself.

If you’ve just smoked inside and need to clear the air in a hurry, breaking out the vacuum is a great way to remove some of the residual odor from your house. If worse comes to worse, sprinkling baking soda on the carpet or sofa and vacuuming it up again can help trap and remove the unwanted smoke scent.

August 13, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox
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