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Culture | 10.26.2021

Herb’s Favorite Cannabis Strains From Asia

Travel with us around Asia to find some of the most loved cannabis strains in history.

It’s near impossible to count the number of strains that exist simply because of the ongoing cross-breeding that makes new and potent strains. So the options for different kinds of kush are endless. However, we have Asia to thank for that. 

Some of the first kush strains to exist are the ones below, and they’re also our favorite due to their potency, consistency, and thorough history. It’s said that the first cannabis plant originated in Central Asia around 13,000 BC. These strains below are known as landraces, meaning that they come in their purest form and are cultivated in their natural environment. Since these strains are never cross-bred, they are almost entirely either Indica or Sativa. 

Nepali OG

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Any strain that comes from Nepal is known as Nepalese, including Nepali OG. This landrace strain resembles a Sativa upon growth due to its tall and slim appearance, but the effects lean closer towards Indica. This sticky and hashy strain is packed with an earthy aroma and offers some of the densest buds you can find on the market.


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Also known as Atjeh, this pure Sativa strain is a tall plant commonly used for its uplifting and euphoric effects. It only carries about 10% THC but offers a sweet mango and tropical fruit taste to make up for its smaller THC content. This strain originated from the Aceh region of Indonesia and is perfect for a needed energy boost.

Afghani Kush

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This potent and 100% Indica strain, also referred to as Afghan or Afghanistan. If you’re looking for the most profound relaxation available from cannabis strains, Afghani is a top contender. Users will also feel waves of euphoria alongside the sweet and earthy flavor. The strain is beneficial when aiding conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, and stress disorders.


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Known as Thai Sticks, this pure Sativa landrace is the parent of various strains like Voodoo, Juicy Fruit, and Haze. The strain offers a powerful yet comfortable effect that stimulates the mind and relieves anxiety. It’s known for emitting a citrusy aroma with a jam-packed fruity taste. It’s challenging to grow this strain outside of tropical climates, but greenhouses allow you to be patient with the strain’s slow-flowering and long growth cycle.

Hindu Kush

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Another pure Indica strain, Hindu Kush, also known as Hindi Kush, was named after its origin in the 500-mile mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Since its original climate is rather severe, the buds have a protective layer of trichomes used to create a potent hash. The sweet, earthy, and sandalwood aroma is almost as calming and relaxing as the strain itself. Hindu Kush is another fan-favorite for pain, nausea, and stress.

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