12 Things You’ll Understand If You Get High Before Work

From having a coworker call you out for smelling like dank to showing up too stoned, here are 12 things you’ll understand if you get high before work.
August 13, 2019
Written by Brittney Sanger
high before work

There are plenty of reasons why people like getting high before they clock in. For some, it’s medically necessary. And for others, it helps keep them sane throughout the day. Depending on what you do for a living, consuming the ganja before your shift can either be the best idea or the worst. But no matter your occupation in life, every weed-smoker has likely lived through some of the same moments. From having a coworker call you out for smelling like dank to showing up too stoned, here are 12 things you’ll understand if you get high before work.

1. That one time you decided to eat an edible before your shift

Edibles aren’t a bad idea before work. But when you choose to chow down on the more potent ones, you almost always regret it.

2. Your co-worker announcing they smell weed

They may not know where it’s coming from, but you sure do. It’s you. It’s all you.

3. Accidentally firing up an indica rather than a sativa

You typically prefer to smoke on a sativa before work for the extra boost. However, there has been a time when you grabbed the indica instead. Then, you had to spend your entire shift trying to stay awake.

4. Speeding through your work thanks to your helpful sativa

Not only does your trusty sativa help get you motivated before work, but it also helps you get shit done while you’re there.

5. When you’re in the zone and get interrupted by a customer

Just as you were starting to daydream about finishing that blunt after work, here comes a customer with a million questions. How dare they interrupt you at your place of work.

6. Having the munchies and being so excited come lunch time

High or not, lunchtime is the best time. You get to take a break from work for thirty minutes to an hour and finally relieve your munchies.

7. Smoking way too much weed and trying not to look high

Not making eye contact is critical in this situation, especially when you forget the eyedrops.

8. Being called into a one-on-one meeting with your boss

Meetings with your boss are awkward in general. But when you’re stoned off your ass, they become a living nightmare.

9. Finding out your co-worker is also high

Instant BFFs.

10. Saying stupid shit like “you too” when a customer thanks you

You don’t know why you said it. But you did, and now you can only hope that the person didn’t notice.

11. Time going by so unbelievably slow

At first, you’re too high to care about the time. Then it eventually starts to wear off, and at that point, all you can think about is going home to your bong.

12. Actually looking forward to work

There’s nothing like a few hits of weed to get you ready to conquer the day. You don’t completely dread going to work when you’re on cloud nine

August 13, 2019
Written by Brittney Sanger
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