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The 10 Best Cannabis Strains To Boost And Maintain Productivity

A list of the strains that make s**t happen. How they work, and the pros and cons they can have on productivity. Created with Pilgrim Soul.

As a person that wants to meet their goals, be successful at something, or simply accomplish a long-term or immediate goal, focus and productivity play a major role. There is no productivity without focus, and there is no focus without a passion for what you’re doing. Sometimes passion can prove to be more than enough.


There are times when the focus is just not there. Times when no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to be able to sit down for a couple of hours and do the work that needs to be done. In other words, your ‘flow state’ is just not easily coming to you.

For those moments, people across the globe have different ways of coping and handling it. In some cases, it’s an early morning yoga session or a jog around the block to get the juices flowing. Which to be honest, are techniques that work magic on my morning routine.

But even those techniques fall a little short sometimes. That’s why we pair them with coffee, black/red tea, or whatever your morning drink is. Some of my cigarette smoker friends pay tribute to a morning cig with a cup o’ joe to motivate them off the bed and onto the desk chair.

But it’s not cigarettes, coffee, and exercise I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about how weed and cannabis concentrates can be a perfect pairing for any of those mornings to get me started and how contrary to popular belief, not all weed leaves you groggy and feeling foggy. In fact, I’m here to talk about how weed can actually lift you over the edge when it comes to productivity and focus.

As a professional writer, I struggle to write in the evenings. Usually, I’m up by 5:00 am and trying to get a full article under my belt before 8:00 am. This morning routine is seldom a hassle for me. But working at night can prove to be a bitter foe and have me looking for weed strains that boost my creativity. My body and mind are tired, my thought processes aren’t the same, and I tend to make grammatical mistakes when I’m tired. That’s where a nice fat blunt, a joint, or a rip on the bong comes in handy. It’s just like an extra THC boost of motivation, clear-headedness, and creativity.

That said:

I thought I’d make a list of the strains that do it for me. How they have worked so far, and the pros and cons they’ve had on my productivity.


Sometimes weed alone isn’t enough. Even if I’m feeling incredibly focused, creative, and full of energy, weed can sometimes be detrimental if the couch is nearby or that movie you’ve been trying to watch shows up on your Netflix home screen. 


Top 10 Weed Strains for Productivity

Delta-8 Lemon Diesel CBG

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Mixing cannabinoids can be a one way ticket to productivity. While the CBD and Delta-8 THC mix is quite popular, this Delta-8 Lemon Diesel CBG Strain from Botany Farms is even better.

Not only does it promote energy and creativity, but it also keeps you focused on whatever’s got your attention at the moment. It’s a delightful smoke with pungent lemon, cinnamon, and floral notes, which can also be quite the mood-lifter.

This helpful Sativa contains 15.1% Delta-8 THC and 11.6% CBG, the perfect mix for getting shit done. Besides mental effects, this strain also calms the body while relieving pain, tension, and inflammation, thanks to the unique therapeutic benefits of CBG.

Sour Diesel

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Sour D is among royalty when it comes to energizing strains. A THC content level that oscillates around the 20% mark and provides an invigorating dose of diesel like pungent scents. Although paired with citrusy and herbal terpenes, it’s the gas smell that prevails in this already legendary flower bud.

Coming in with stress-annihilating properties, Sour D makes you feel both energetic and creative. I have to be honest though, it’s not my favorite strain to smoke when working, but it’s right up there when it comes to social situations. However, some people swear by it for focus and energy, I think some people use it as a substitute to coffee, which in retrospect actually makes a lot of sense.


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Budzilla is a perfectly balanced hybrid that bred from Trainwreck and Chem 91. This sativa-leaning bud has been bred for its accessible energy. It delivers a euphoric onset that mellows into a relaxing finish, making it perfect for those days when you need to fire up the focus without feeling out of control.

With THC levels over 20%, this is a nice strain to use before getting into a creative endeavor. The sativa high lends itself to stimulating conversation, artistic expression, and bursts of productivity.

Chem Dawg

Chem D is a powerful Sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a whopping 20% THC content with a terpene profile that give off an uplifting aroma of pepper and citrus. I personally enjoy buds that give off fruity flavors and scents, this one hits the spot with its almost ‘lemony-gasoline’ smell.

Although the origins of Chem D are unknown, or at least mysterious I should say, its effects on the body are nothing short of documented. The strain provides an uplifting high with a touch of creativity and euphoria. I suggest that puffs are kept to a minimum if you need to be completely present in a formal environment, but if you’re working from home or plugged in without anyone to judge you, the high from Chem Dog can be quite productive.

Jack Herer

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This is, for me, the king strain for creativity, and in my case, that carries the same meaning as productivity. Jack Herer is a historical cannabis figure recognized for being the father of weed. Some might call him the ‘emperor’ due to his world-famous book ‘The Emperor Wears no Clothes.”

But it doesn’t really matter who Jack Herer is for our objective here. The Jack Herer strain is a socially appropriate strain that provides uplifting effects of euphoria and creativeness. I find myself to be a bit talkative at first, but once I manage to sit down in front of my computer, it’s nothing but focus. Jack Herer comes with close to 17% THC and is known as an ‘energizing’ strain.

Jack Orange

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Jack so good he makes it twice onto the list. The effects of Jack Orange are very similar to that of on of its parent strains; Jack Herer. However, Jack Orange is not as Sativa heavy as its father’s side is. A 55% Sativa / 45% Indica composition filled with smell of juicy oranges (I did tell you I enjoy fruity scented strains, didn’t I?).

Unlike Jack Orange I feel the uplift seep in rather immediately in the beginning. In fact, and for some reason unknown, I feel like dancing when I smoke Jack Orange. But once the first euphoric vibes dose off in about 60 minutes, I feel like sitting down and writing.

White Widow

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Here’s one strain that has made it onto my strain reviews quite a few times. Although I’m fairly new to this one and have only smoked it a couple of times, the results I’ve gotten have left me quite satisfied and keeping strict control over my White Widow stash.

Most users complain over White Widow producing an almost too energetic high, but I differ. As an anxious person I was quite nervous before I tried White Widow for the first time because I thought it would make me feel fidgety (more than I usually feel). However, this hybrid strain proved to be a perfectly balanced fit for my body. A 50/50 hybrid with around 16% of THC content that provide energizing effects but allows me to stay focused on the task at hand.

Contrary to the Jack strains mentioned above, there is no ‘cool-down’ time required with this one, at least not for me. I seem to be instantly overtaken by the urge of writing, working, reading, cleaning, or whatever it is that I need to check off the list that day. I also feel quite focused and clear-headed, or at least not as foggy as I would expect.

Strawberry Cough

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Another energizing strain that needs to make it onto the list, especially for its flavorful berry scents and aromas. Although the cough part to its name is fairly accurate (be prepared to cough on long pulls), it’s happy uplifting effects seem to be a more than a fair pay-off.

A close to 18% THC content that will make you feel energetic. However, I don’t seem to feel creative with this strain, on the other hand, it seems to work as fuel to power through a long boring day. Perhaps this is the perfect strain for remote workers that need to organize thought and think methodically. This one is also a nice social strain, especially if you’re into group hikes and outdoor activities that require the extra boost of energy.

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