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7 Crazy Ways To Smoke Weed With Blunt Wraps

You may think smoking a blunt is as simple as lighting it, but that’s just not true. For your viewing pleasure, here are 7 ways to smoke with blunt wraps.

Ahh, blunts, one of the most traditional ways to consume cannabis. Not only do they burn slowly, but they also are rather relaxing to hit. If you’re going to take the time to roll one, then why not give it a little something extra? You may think smoking a blunt is as simple as lighting it, but that’s just not true. For your viewing pleasure, here are seven ways to smoke weed with blunt wraps.

1. Football and goal

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If you enjoy football, then you’ll love this crafty blunt. Not only can you take a drag off the football, but you can also hit the field goal, literally. No one says you can’t unleash your inner athlete before beginning your session.

2. Smokey the Weedman

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Not your average snowman, but that’s all the more reason to love this blunt. Just look at the little fella, holding those nugs with a cheerful grin. Also, the scarf around his neck adds a bit of style, along with the tiny pieces of ganja covering his hat.

Clearly, a lot of thought went into this festive blunt. He even has stems for arms.

3. Pitbull

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This blunt is so cute you almost don’t want to smoke it. Not everyone loves dogs, but who can say no to this weed-stuffed pooch? A dog with weed is a good dog indeed.

4. Revolver straight to the dome

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This revolver blunt is perhaps the only gun you’ll ever want to shoot you. Unlike other handguns, this particular one won’t hurt you.

After all, cannabis is safe. The worst that can happen is a high that’s too extreme. In that case, drink some water, you’ll be alright.

5. Crown for a King

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Are you trying to figure out what about this blunt even resembles a crown? If so, you aren’t alone. Nevertheless, if someone hands you a crown made of ganja, you wear it, and you wear it proudly. Just kidding, light that baby up. That’s what it’s for, after all.

Do you spark one tip? Or, do you spark them all? Who knows, that’s a decision you’ll have to make yourself.

6. Infused gingerbread man

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You won’t bake this gingerbread man, but it will bake you. Indeed, a couple hits off this blunt will make you feel baked like a cookie. Mmm.. cookies, maybe you’ll even have some after.

7. Tootsie pop

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So, how many licks does it take to get high? That’s hard to say. But one thing is for certain; it won’t take too many hits to get you to where you want to be.

Can you make it to the center? Challenge yourself. You’ll be rewarded with something much better than a tootsie roll. Not to mention, the taste is probably far more excellent.

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