Photo courtesy of Tony Greenhand

Culture | 01.23.2024

Meet The Man Who Makes Smokeable Art For Celebrities

Tony Greenhand's joints are almost too good to smoke.

Are you the pro-roller in your group? Maybe your friends ask you to roll a quick joint because of your steady hands and nimble fingers.

We’re sure Tony Greenhand’s friends were throwing their weed at him whenever they could. After all, who doesn’t want to puff on smokeable art?

Tony Greenhand started making art out of clay during his youth. It wasn’t until he began working in the cannabis industry that joint-rolling stuck out to him.

Now, Tony Greenhand has thousands of followers across social media who praise him for such neat, intricate, and potent rolls.

A Broad Clientele

Photo courtesy of Tony Greenhand

Getting your hands on some of Greenhand’s green isn’t that easy, only if you’re willing to drop hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

His smokeable art ranges from $300 to $10,000, but A-list celebrities are always willing to support Greenhand and his unique creations. 

He’s made customized joints for names like;

  • Tommy Chong
  • Rihanna
  • 2 Chainz
  • Bella Thorne
  • Nikki Glaser

In fact, he made a five-pound joint shaped like the Titanic for Ms. Glaser.

For Bella Thorne, she requested a smokeable bouquet with real rose petals. 

A Smokeable Portfolio

Photo courtesy of Tony Greenhand

Scrolling through his Instagram page, you’d notice that Greenhand has recently expanded his portfolio with portrait joints. 

He’s created portraits of iiiso, B-Real, Keith Canva$, and many more. 

Possibly anything you can imagine, from pencils and shoes to Rick & Morty characters, Greenhand’s done it all. 

He’s rolled buildings like the Washington Monument. 

He thought about doing the White House but felt that burning down the White House wouldn’t be so appropriate. 

You can watch the process on his new Quibi series dubbed Let’s Roll With Tony Greenhand. He takes viewers through his complex creative process while featuring renowned celebrities and their reactions to his customized smokeable art. 

Tony Greenhand adores the challenge. He loves taking something naturally complex like architecture or detailed faces and giving them a whole new meaning.

You might ask, doesn’t he get upset when smoking his art that took him hours, if not days, to create? Absolutely not.

Greenhand says, “I roll my joints and I look forward to the moment they are burned. It’s the experience that the customer has that makes it worth it.”

He says the only thing more rewarding than seeing the reactions of A-list celebrities is sparking up his smokeable art with them.

For more information about Tony Greenhand, visit his Instagram page.

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