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Culture | 07.18.2022

High Culture: Run the Jewels And Their Cannabis Strain, Ooh La La

You need to try the new "Ooh La La" strain from Run The Jewels.

Can someone say, “ooh la la, ah, oui oui”?

Hip-hop supergroup duo and rappers Run the Jewels (RTJ) just announced their first venture into the cannabis industry.

They’re doing so by launching their very own strain dubbed Ooh La La.

Run The Jewels x Lemonnade

The strain is named after one of the duo’s hit songs, “ooh la la (feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier)” off the album RTJ4.

The appearance of RTJ in the cannabis space was highly anticipated, not just by fans but by industry giants like Cookies by Berner and Lemonnade.

For this reason, the new strain is in collaboration with Lemonnade, the sister company of Cookies by Berner. The latter company is the industry’s first legal cannabis empire, making a name for itself with the highest quality flower and an emphasis on Sativa strains.

El-P, a member of RTJ, said in a statement how the collaboration was something the group had been waiting for. “We have huge respect for Berner and what he’s accomplished, and we fucking love weed, so this is very exciting for us,” he explained.

About Ooh La La

According to Run the Jewels’ website, the collaboration represents “a shared love of music, cannabis, and advocacy.”

But what should consumers expect from the strain itself? The website notes that Ooh La La “merges LEMONNADE’s Sativa focus with RTJ’s Indica appreciation to achieve the ideal hybrid strain.”

That’s right; cannabis users are about to experience the best of both worlds with RTJ’s new strain.

It will offer “a sensory-heightening head high, and a light body feel,” alongside a spice cake and frosting aroma with flavors like “sweet fruit cake with an herbal tea chaser.”

The new Ooh La La strain will be available in

  • Dried flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Vapes
  • Extracts
  • Pre-rolled blunts

All RTJ products are sold at Cookies dispensaries and a few others in the following states;

  • California
  • Michigan
  • Oregon
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Washington (Has Agency)
  • Colorado (Veritas Fine Cannabis)
  • Oklahoma (Electraleaf)

For more information about Run the Jewels’ strain and collaboration with Lemonnade, visit their website at

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