Culture | 10.18.2022

House Of Puff Makes Sophisticated Puffware For The Next Generation Of Consumers

The approachable and luxe brand invites you to a new high culture.

The next generation of cannabis consumers is quite lucky. Many won’t have to worry about trouble with the law now that cannabis is gaining legal status worldwide.

These consumers are entering the cannabis scene once it’s already bloomed. They never had to experience waiting for shady dealers or dodging the cops when sparking up in public. Instead, they have the opportunity to use cannabis without much of the stigma.

These are the same consumers that have the power to change the way we see cannabis consumption. Instead of opting for traditional products, they’ll reach for something more luxurious, something they can be proud to use and display as elegant decor.

If you want to get an edge on the evolving industry, considering yourself a sophisticated consumer starts with elevating your accessories. We suggest the approachable, luxe, and design-forward goods at House of Puff, a modern cannabis accessory brand that’s replacing the stigma with empowerment.

About House Of Puff

House of Puff is a women-owned, Latin-led modern accessories brand that invites you to think of each piece as your own little work of art.

The brand proudly represents the future of cannabis consumption while inviting all consumers to elevate their game and be proud of the products they use.

It makes sophisticated puffware that represents the intersection of future cannabis consumption and the role art plays in advancing cultural and societal movements.

House of Puff was created to evolve the industry and push it forward with open conversations about cannabis, from consumption to criminal justice reform.

The brand’s founder, Kristina Lopez Adduci, is passionate about representing her Latin roots with House of Puff’s products while showcasing her love for art through design-forward, artist-inspired accessories.

The House Of Puff Experience

All products from House of Puff are:

  • Designed with intention
  • Made to engage all five senses
  • Created for the modern, high-functioning individual

The brand’s Le Pipe Ceramic One Hitter is a prime example. In its Signature Pink style, this modern and chic one-hitter was influenced by the latest art and fashion trends, making for one of the most visually-appealing smoking mediums on the market.

It’s a slim one-hitter with an elongated body that cools the smoke for smoother and more gentle hits. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s made of durable stoneware that fits even the tightest pockets.

With products like these, it’s clear that House of Puff prides itself on engaging all five senses and giving consumers the freedom to express themselves through their everyday smoking accessories. The brand is on a mission to live a distinctive life with style and grace. With any House of Puff product, you can do the same.

For more information about House of Puff, visit its website at

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