Photo courtesy of Wild Coffee Bar Dispensary

Culture | 09.25.2023

Houston’s First Cannabis Dining Experience

Wild Montrose features upscale food and beverages with the option to infuse them with THC or CBD.

Give a warm welcome to Wild Montrose, Houston’s debut THC and CBD-infused dining experience. If you’re from the area, you might be familiar with the city’s CBD coffee shop and dispensary, Grinder’s Coffee Bar.

Now, the founders of Grinders are branching out once more with the tasty addition of a new luxurious cannabisinfused restaurant, Wild Montrose.

Opening today, September 19, the new Wild Montrose restaurant comes on the heels of Wild in the Heights, Houston’s first hemp-infused cocktail and coffee program that launched in February.

Located at 1609 Westheimer Road in Montrose, founders and cousins Adyson and Andrew Alvis are teaming up with executive chef German Mosquera to bring Wild Montrose to life as Houston’s first legal cannabis dining experience. And it’s a luxurious one too.

The high-end plates and tapas feature various extravagant eats with a Latin twist, featuring the chef’s unique interpretations of “international coastal” cuisine. Guests have the option to infuse any of their dishes with varying doses of CBD or THC.

Photo courtesy of Wild Coffee Bar Dispensary

Houston’s First Cannabis Dining Experience: Menu

Wild Montrose serves brunch, dinner, beverages, and desserts.

All of the above can be infused with a dose of THC or CBD. More specifically, the brunch menu features dishes like the following:

  • Pain Perdu: A croissant cube banana brulee French toast with chantilly cream and maple syrup.
  • The crispy plantain-style Migas with chorizo featuring heirloom Iberico pork.

When dinner comes around, Wild Montrose serves dishes like:

  • Delta-9-infused caviar on the oyster of the week.
  • Charcoal-grilled Tiradito, bluefin tuna with aji amarillo, rainforest honey bubbles, and aromatic oil.
  • Thai-style fish.
  • Branded wagyu beef tomahawk.

Come dessert, choose from delicious sweets, including:

  • Gluten-free honey cake wrapped in gold with white chocolate, popcorn cream, and Hoja Santa.
  • Mexican pepper leaf oat and coconut milk ice cream served with mascarpone.
  • Various candies, gummies, and chocolates infused with THC or CBD.

Finally, Wild’s beverage menu is similar to Wild in the Heights, featuring classic items like:

  • Espresso Martini
  • The Hanoi Hai Five is a green gin-based beverage finished with fresh hemp leaf.
  • Mango Rye Tie made with Old Forester 100 Rye whisky, triple sec, Mr. Black coffee liqueur, orgeat syrup, mango, lime, and bitters.

For more information about Houston’s first legal THC and CBD-infused dining experience, Wild Montrose, visit its website at

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